Home remedies for problem of piles…

Hemorrhoids is a painful disease, which many people are being victimized. These diseases are increasing rapidly due to sitting in one place for hours or constipation. The patient of piles has to face the problem in defecation, seating and lying.
Hemorrhoids have unbearable pain as the nerves surrounding the rectum are swollen. Hemorrhoids are of two types – bloody hemorrhoids and plaintiff hemorrhoids. The wart in bloody piles is red, due to which blood is released, while wart are black in plaintiff piles. Ayurveda has shown many cures for the problem of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids pain and disease can be cured by home remedies.

Rock salt and glycerin

Mix 2 spoons glycerine in 2 spoon rock salt, Put this mixture in a cleanly medicated band and keep it in a painful place. Leave this mixture in place for 15 to 20 minutes and then remove the strip. If the pain is high, then this mixture can be applied every 4-5 hours. This will gradually end your hemorrhoids. Many doctors have also stamped their treatment on this treatment.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera has the properties of reducing pain and swelling. Therefore, on the warts of piles, you can use the Aloe vera gel. Although the rectum is a sensitive part so keep in mind that use pure aloe vera gel. Do not be so that, with Aloe vera gel in cream, other things have also been mixed. Aloe vera gel will relieve the pain and will cool down. Along with the warts of piles will fix.

Isabgol husk

In Isabgol husk, the amount of fiber is very high, so it makes the stool soft, thereby reducing the pain due to hemorrhoids. Due to this your stomach remains clear and your wart do not pain for a long time. One or two spoons of isabgol husk can be taken with milk or water in the day. Note that do not take this much quantity, because it can also cause gas and abdominal pain. Also keep in mind that you should drink plenty of water after eating the husk of Isabgol.

Buttermilk is beneficial

Whey is very beneficial to remove the piles wart. For this, take about two liters of buttermilk and add 50 grams of cumin seeds and salt according to the taste. If you feel thirsty drink it instead of water. By doing this for four days the wart will cure. Apart from this, eating yogurt daily is less likely to be hemorrhoids. And there is also a benefit in hemorrhoids.

From snow bake

From snow bake hemorrhoids pain provides immediate relief. Take a piece of ice for this and keep it on the painful place for a while. Due to the cold of ice, pain will get relief. In the same way, the swelling of hemorrhoids reduces with a foment of ice 4-5 times a day and it starts to heal.