How to remove dark circles? Home remedies for dark circles…

There are many chemical products in the market, which claim to remove dark circles, but sometimes the people with sensitive skin can not use these products. These home remedies for dark circles, by adopting which you can get rid of it.Someone really told the truth that the eyes speak together thousands of words. But if you have dark circles under your eyes then instead of avoiding it, try to understand it too. These dark circles say a lot about your health.Dark circles can be anyone. It does not matter whether you are a woman or a man.

What can be the reason:

There can be many reasons behind being a dark circle. Sometimes due to taking too much stress, dark circles become under the eyes. Apart from this, due to lack of sleep, changes in hormones, disorganized lifestyle or heredity, dark circles are formed under the eyes.

Let us know how to remove dark circles?

1. Tomatoes are the most effective solution to remove dark circles. It works naturally to eliminate the dark circles under the eyes. Also, its use keeps the skin soft and fresh. Mixing and apply tomato juice with some drops of lemon is useful quickly.

2. Potatoes can also be used to remove dark circles. Mix potato juice with a few drops of lemon. Applying this mixture with cotton wool will put black circles around the eyes. By applying this, dark circles will be remove.

3. Even with the use of cold TEA-bags the Dark Circle ends quickly. Keep the TEA-bag dipped in water for a while, then keep it in the fridge for cooling. After some time take it out, keep on your eyes and lie down, it will benefit from doing this for 10 minutes daily.

4. Even with the cold milk coating, the blackness below the eyes becomes removes. Keep raw milk to cool down. After that, put it under the eyes with the help of cotton. Doing twice in such a day will benefit soon.

5. Grind the orange peel dry in the sun and grind it. By adding a small quantity of rose water in this powder, the black circles will end.

These are all home remedies for dark circles, those who adopt remove the dark circle and you can get beautiful face.