Prediabetes Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

People often forget to pay attention to themselves in this run-of-the-mill life, as a result, many times they fall prey to such...
Benefits of Betel Leaves

Benefits of Betel Leaves for Skin

Who does not like an attractive and spotless face and for this people also make many efforts? Some get surgery, while some...
Why Am I Drooling?

Drooling – Signs And Symptoms

You must have felt saliva dripping from your mouth many times while sleeping. You may not have paid much attention to it,...
PTSD: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment It is said that it is easy to heal an external wound, but it...
Home Remedies For Rosy Cheeks

Home Remedies For Rosy Cheeks

What do people do to make their cheeks pink? Sometimes when they use blush, some people turn their cheeks pink with the...
Some health benefits of marshmallow root

Benefits of Marshmallow

Medicinal herbs have been used in the field of medicine in India for many years. There are many herbs that can prove...
Hypersomnia Treatment

Hypersomnia Treatment: Sleep Disorders

Adequate sleep is very important for good health, but when a person starts taking this amount of sleep in excessive amounts then...
Foamy Urine

Foamy Urine Treatment

If there is some kind of internal problem in the body, there is a change in the color and smell of urine....
Benefits of Jujube Fruit

Benefits of Jujube Fruit

Do you know the unique jujube fruit benefits? You will be unaware of these surprising benefits of jujube fruit
Home Remedy for Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver Causes, Symptoms & Home Remedies

Due to irregular routines and an unbalanced diet, many serious diseases take hold of the person. One of these diseases is the...

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