What to eat and do not eat in abdominal pain? Learn how to treat abdominal pain at home…

Stomachache is a common problem, which often happens due to eating more, eating wrong things or eating at the wrong time. If the cause of stomachache is due to food disorder, then it gets better soon. But sometimes problems like diarrhea and vomiting are started in people along with abdominal pain. These are symptoms of food poisoning. In such a case, most people remain confused as to what they should eat and what they should not eat. Let us tell you a solution to this problem and also show how you can easily treat abdominal pain at home.

What should not be eaten in abdominal pain?

Fast food can spoil your stomach and this can cause problems for your stomach pain. Fast food contain high amounts of oil, spices and many other harmful substances.

Do not drink tea or coffee when it is stomachache, because it can increase acidity in your stomach and increase pain.

Spicy food can increase your digestive and abdominal pain. Apart from this, eating more spicy foods can cause chest irritation.

Products made from milk (except curd and buttermilk) are difficult to digest, so if you have pain in your stomach then you should not drink milk.

Beans contain a lot of nutritious ingredients and they are beneficial for the body, but eating them when stomach pain can increase your problem further.

Do not drink sugarcane juice if you have stomachache.

What should you eat in abdominal pain?

Eat plain khichdi of mung dal made without oil, spices. It is easy to digest and is full of nutritious elements.

Eat bananas, lemon, orange, guava and seasonal fruits. In the stomachache, the consumption of mango or pineapple is not good.

Should eat very light and nutritious food after having stomach ache. Also try that raw salads and vegetables are included in the meal.

Drinking coconut water is also beneficial in stomach pain.

If there is pain due to constipation or indigestion, so mango panna containing peppermint. or sharbat of bel can also be beneficial.

How to treat abdominal pain at home?

The use of curd and buttermilk is beneficial for stomach pain. Mix two pinch of black salt and 1pinch of pita cumin in the curd or buttermilk and take it.

Chewing a spoonful of fenugreek seeds and take half glasses of water. Stomach pain will get relief in a little while.

Do not drink plain water while having diarrhea with pain, but boil and drink water.

If there is stomachache in the summer season, then squeeze a lemon into the water and drink 2 pinches black salt.

If you have diarrhea, eat isabgol husk or eat bananas.

Drink a teaspoon of ginger juice and drink 2 drops of water immediately. This will get relief from abdominal pain shortly.

Do not let the body lack water due to vomiting or diarrhea. Keep taking enough liquids for this.

Keep these things in mind when you have abdominal pain

If there are vomiting and diarrhea several times with abdominal pain, please contact the doctor.

If domestic remedies do not get relief in stomachache within 1-2 hours, contact the doctor as soon as possible.

If pain in the stomach is felt in the inner part of the body, in the left or right part of the body, then show the doctor.

If sweating with stomach and chest pain, then take the patient to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

Stomach pain is very common, but sometimes it can be a sign of a serious illness, so if something unusual happens, contact the doctor as soon as possible.