Piles problem ..

Piles problem

So in this article of My Health Only, we are going to tell you about the piles problem, by knowing piles problem, you will be able to treat it as soon as possible.

Tips to get relief from piles problem ..

People suffering from Piles have severe discomfort while having bowel movements as well as other problems. To get relief from these problems, you should contact the doctor immediately, but apart from this, by trying some remedies, relief from this problem can be found. Come, learn –

Sitz bath

(Sitz bath) Sitting in a tub of hot water for a while relaxes the muscles of the anus and makes it easier to pass stool. Although the water should not be very hot, pregnant women should not take sitz bath without doctor’s advice.

Oil spicy food

Excessive oil and spicy food can be very harmful for you. Doctors also advise people who do not have piles to avoid such food. But excessive consumption of spices can make you prone to this disease, and if you are already patient, it can increase your problem further.

Tips to get relief from piles problem
Piles problem

Drink plenty of water

Avoid drinking soft drinks, tea-coffee, alcohol etc. and drink plenty of water.

Regular Exercise

Piles remains constipated, to avoid this, do regular exercise.

Avoid fast food

Keep distance as much as possible from fast food. Instead, you can include fruits or some special vegetables like cabbage, beet, etc. in your food, which is quite beneficial.

Avoid kidney beans and rajma

If you are fond of eating rajma-rice, then you should avoid this hobby, because things like rajma and kidney beans are very harmful for Piles patients. Also try to eat as much fiber-rich things.


Although Ghee is very beneficial for your body, but many times its consumption can increase the problem of Piles patients. That is why consume ghee only when it suits you.

Do not apply too much force while excreting, this can increase your problem. When the pressure is felt, do not hold the stool for long, otherwise the stool dries up and there is a problem while discarding. Use the washroom as soon as you feel the need.