Home remedies of piles…

Hemorrhoids, also known as Piles in the English language, is a painful disease. Due to being at a sensitive location, it also provides mental pain as well as physical pain. But hemorrhoids can be cured with the help of home remedies. Learn this article in home remedies of piles.

Due to changing lifestyles and eating habits, the number of Piles patients is increasing rapidly. It is the main reason to sit in the chair all day and eat anything without any schedule.┬áTypes of piles, hemorrhoids are of two types – bloody hemorrhoids and plaintiff hemorrhoids. In bloody piles the wart is red due to which the blood is released, While plaintiffs piles are wart black. Hemorrhoids are extremely painful. Let us tell you about some home remedies of piles, which can be used to relieve piles and pain due to it.

Let us tell you about some home remedies of piles

In the bloody piles, cut the lemon from the middle and grind approximately 4-5 grams of catechu and put in lemon. Keep these two pieces open on the terrace at night. Wake up in the morning and suck both pieces. Do this experiment for five days. Piles have the advantage.

Eat Nimboli powder with neem peel, with 10 grams per day, with water kept in the morning and night, this will benefit. But keep in mind that while adopting this prescription your should have native ghee in diet.

To prevent bleeding in bloody piles, take 10 to 12 grams of washed black sesame with fresh butter. Taking this also stops bleeding in piles.

Grinding cumin seeds, is beneficial by applying on warts, as well as frying cumin and mixing with sugar candy gives the benefit of it sucking.

Cut the baked banana into two pieces and grind the catechu and sprinkle it on it. Put these pieces in the open sky in the night. Wake up in the morning and eat banana pieces. Take this action for a week, the hemorrhoids will be cured.

Amla is very beneficial for stomach. When there is a problem of hemorrhoids, drinking Amla powder with honey twice a day benefits from it.

Burn 50 grams large cardamom on the pan, frying it. Grind this cardamom after cooling. The piles are cured every morning after taking this powder with an empty stomach with water.

Fresh butter of milk and black mole almost one gram, By combining both eating is beneficial.

Wild cabbage is also very beneficial for hemorrhoids. Cook the wild cabbage in ghee and add rock salt in it eat with bread for eight days. This makes hemorrhoids fine.

Hemorrhoids are cured by eating vermilion with jaggery.

Eating yogurt and buttermilk every day is less likely to be hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids also have a benefit.

Hemorrhoids are very painful disease. Its pain is unbearable. By using these home remedies of piles, it gets relief to a great extent. If hemorrhoids are not cured even after using these home remedies, please contact the doctor.