Causes of Foot Pain

Causes of Foot Pain

Do you know the Causes of foot pain?

You will be unaware of these Foot pain causes

Let us tell you the causes of foot pain, after that you will know why your foot is paining.

Legs give serious indication of illness, do not ignore

So in this article of My Health Only, we are going to explain the causes of foot pain, knowing the foot pain causes, you will be able to treat it as soon as possible.

Every part of the body is important and before any disease occurs, only these parts of the body warn us about in which part of the problem is happening. The parts of the body that indicate the coming disease, One of them also has our legs. Doctor Don Harper told in an interview that how the legs give information about diseases of our body. They believe that 90 percent of the women have some problem related to their legs throughout their life.

Do not ignore these causes of foot pain, You must to know

1 – Foot Shape

Stand barefoot on a flat floor. There will be some space left in the soles of the feet. It is like an arch and if the arch is not much in the foot, then it is a matter of some concern. If the feet are like this from the time of birth, then it does not matter, but if this difference is gradually reducing, then there can be many reasons for this. One is that any bone is moving from its place, in that case that bone will be affected and there is also a risk of rupture, arthritis, any problem related to cells. If someone has diabetes or is suffering from obesity, pregnancy or old age, then at this time the risk increases.

2 – Changing feet shape is not good for health

If there is slight pain, swelling or a reshaped feeling in the feet simultaneously, then the problem can definitely increase. In such a situation, medical advice should be taken. It can also happen for very direct reasons. It may be that due to wrong shoes or wrong poses (standing or walking, running way) the problem is also increasing and we do not understand this.

3 – Color and Temperature

The color of the feet not only changes due to tanning but it also indicates some kind of disease. Often the color of the feet is due to poor blood pressure. If the feet are always getting colder or hotter or if their color suddenly starts looking more white, more yellow or more red then it is a matter of concern.

4 – Suddenly changing the color or temperature of the feet is a bell of danger

If the cells have started appearing more in the feet, then contact your doctor and get your chekup done once. It may not be easily visible to the darker people, but if so, then look at the temperature of the feet. To check if there is any problem of blood circulation, press the thumb of your feet very hard. Due to changing the pressure there, the color will change and as soon as you leave your thumb, the color will be normal soon. If it takes longer, then assume that there is a problem related to blood circulation. If the problem has increased too much, then the lack of blood circulation can also extend to gangrene, so get it checked in time. In addition, cholesterol and glucose levels may also be the cause of this problem.

Do not ignore these causes of foot pain

5 – Cramps

When there is a shortage of fluids in the body, then the muscles of the body start spoiling more easily and the body starts getting cramps. Usually, spasms of the feet go away due to massage, stretching etc., But if this is happening due to poor blood circulation or lack of any necessary liquid in the body, then this problem has increased and at that time it will be necessary to complete the deficiency of the body.

6 – Leg cramps show poor blood circulation

The cramps have been there for a long time and not even going through the right diet, protein, vitamins etc. So maybe there is a problem of cells also. Get medical advice in this way. By eating such a diet rich in magnesium and potassium and protein, this problem will be overcome.

7 – Nails

Yellow nails can also occur because nail polish is more commonly used. But if a layer is forming in the nails, the color is getting darker, then fungal infection can also be a problem in some way. It is more important to get it checked. If there is any defect in the nail or its color is different from the rest of the nails, if there is pain, or the nails have become thick, then this problem can be even bigger. It may be that there is some kind of skin disease or it can also be a sign of a big disease like cancer. A symptom of lung cancer is also that the nails turn from the front, they become thick and their color changes.

8 – There can be many reasons for changing the color of nails

A research indicates that 1.4 percent in the UK, The disease has affected the nails of patients with skin cancer.

9 – Dry or chapped skin

The skin of some people’s feet is constantly torn and blood flows from the ankles and no medicine of any kind affects them. This problem is hyperkeratosis. People of old age have more problems than this.

10 – First of all, this disease will start from the ankles

If a medicine, a moisturizer is not affecting the feet, then this problem can occur. In such a situation, some parts of the legs will start to look stiffer than the rest. In hyperkeratosis, the skin of the feet gradually becomes thick, and there are many things like wart, bad tissue, etc., and this can be due to staying in the same posture for a long time, such as walking bent over, barefoot running or walking etc.

People of old age have this problem more because their tissues become fatty. This can happen due to many problems like athlete’s foot, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema or keratoderma.

11 – Bad smell

If the feet smell bad, it can be the reason for infection and it can also invite a big problem. Apart from this, itching in the feet, pricking like needles in the feet, blisters, swelling between the fingers and dryness are all these problems. Foot infection can be dangerous at times.

These are all foot pain causes, knowing the causes of foot pain you will be able to treat it as soon as possible.