Causes of Leg Pain

Causes of Leg Pain

Do you know the Causes of leg pain?

You will be unaware of these Leg pain causes

Let us tell you the causes of leg pain, after that you will know why your leg is paining.

Causes of Leg Pain, Symptoms and Home Remedies –

The organs, whether internal or external, all have an important place in life. These organs also include the leg. It is these legs that provide the ability to walk and run while handling the weight of the entire body. This is the reason that these legs do the most work in daily activities, so anyone can have pain problems in the legs. In some circumstances, this problem increases so much that all the plans of the day remain as they are. Do not go through this much trouble, so in this article of My Health Only we will give information about the causes of leg pain as well as how to treat the pain in the legs at home. Readers should note that the home remedies suggested in the article may provide some relief from leg pain. These measures should not be treated as a cure for the problem.

So let’s first know, what is the pain in the legs? Let’s know this. Other points will also be discussed later.

What is leg pain –

What is leg pain To understand this thing well, it is necessary to understand what is pain first. Pain is a signal sent to the brain by the nervous system. This sign makes a person realize that something is not right in the body. In pain, the affected area feels prickling, burning, cramping and tingling. It can occur in any part of the body.

This is the reason that a situation of strain, pressure and tingling in the muscles of the leg in which there is difficulty in walking, it is called the problem of leg pain. This is a common problem, which can occur to anyone and any part of the leg. There are several reasons for this problem, which we will discuss further in the article. At the moment, it must be known that the location and severity of pain in the legs depends only on its causes.

After knowing what is pain in legs, now we will give information related to its type.

Causes of Leg Pain, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Types of Leg Pain –

Talking about the type of pain in the legs, it can be mainly of three types, which depends on the reasons for its occurrence.

Let us know about them in a little detail.

1 – Musculoskeletal Pain

Leg pain is included in the musculoskeletal pain mainly due to problems associated with muscles, joints, bones and ligament. (tissue connecting the two bones) The conditions involved in this type of leg pain are as follows:

  • Problems associated with joint pain.
  • Muscle stiffening due to excessive strain or pressure.
  • Muscle swelling due to deep injury.
  • Bone fracture or osteoporosis (fragility of bones) such as bone disease.

2 – Vascular Pain

Foot pain caused by artery problems is included in this type of leg pain. Peripheral artery disease (Stopping blood flow when the veins become thin) and deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the deep veins) are also some of the arterial problems that cause leg pain.

3 – Neurological Pain

This type of leg pain is called a neurological pain when a condition of pain in the legs arises due to a disorder or damage related to the nervous system. This is why leg pain is counted as a neurological pain due to damage to the sciatic nerve and other nerves. (The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body, which goes from the spine to the legs)

In the next part of the article, we will now give detailed information related to the causes and risk factors of leg pain.

Risk Factors and Causes of Leg Pain –

The risk factors and leg pain causes are as follows:

Common causes of leg pain –

  • Dehydration or deficiency of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium in the blood.
  • Use of diuretics or cholesterol-lowering medicines.
  • Due to muscle fatigue or strain due to excessive exercise or sitting in one place.
  • Muscle damage due to injury.
  • Hairline cracks in bones.
  • Due to the shin splint (overuse of the outer part of the lower leg bone).

Other causes of leg pain –

  • Peripheral artery disease (a disorder related to blood flow in the legs).
  • Blood clotting due to long bed rest (eg deep vein thrombosis).
  • Osteomyelitis (infection of bones).
  • Cellulitis (infection involving skin and soft tissues).
  • Inflammation of joints due to arthritis.
  • Causes of nerve damage (common in diabetes patients and alcohol and cigarette users).
  • Due to varicose veins (swelling in the veins).

After the cause of leg pain, we will now talk about the symptoms of leg pain.

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Symptoms of Leg Pain –

As we have mentioned earlier in the article that pain is a type of sign that indicates a problem in the body. When it affects the leg, it is called leg pain. In such a situation, the symptoms of pain can be called the symptoms of leg pain, which are as follows:

  • Prickling in affected area.
  • Muscle cramps.
  • Feeling like a stinging.
  • Burning in the affected area.
  • Tingling sensation.

In the next part of the article, we will now learn about how to treat leg pain in the home.

Home Remedies for Leg Pain –

1 – Ice Pack


  • Some ice cubes
  • A plastic bag or towel

How to use

  • First, place the ice cubes in plastic bags or towels.
  • Now place it on the affected area and massage with a light hand rotating circularly.
  • This process can be repeated about two to three times a day until the pain persists.

How beneficial

A research was conducted by the Medical University of Iran to find out the effect of ice pack on pain. Research has found that the use of ice packs can give positive results in pain preceding the arterial puncture. However, further research still needs to be done to fully substantiate its impact. On this basis, it would not be wrong to say that the use of ice packs as a home remedy for leg pain can provide some relief.

2 – Rub Hot Pepper


  • Around 50 mL olive oil
  • A spoonful of red chili powder

How to use

  • Take 50 mL olive oil in a vessel and add a spoonful of red chili to it.
  • Now leave this mixture for the whole night.
  • The next day, use this mixture of chilli and olive oil to massage the leg.
  • After a good massage, keep it as long as possible.
  • This process can be adopted before bedtime when necessary.

How beneficial

Hot pepper rub can also be used as a home remedy for leg pain. According to a research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), red chili can relieve pain. Research suggests that red chili may help to address the causes of pain related to the nervous system. At the same time, it can also be helpful in controlling the pain arising due to muscle fatigue and strain. And olive oil can show beneficial results in pain problems caused by inflammation (such as arthritis). In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that red chili olive oil can be helpful in reducing leg pain.

Note- After adopting this remedy, wash hands thoroughly. By applying hands to the eyes, chili can cause unbearable burning conditions. And excessive use of chillies can also cause irritation on the skin, so use this remedy with great caution.

3 – Essential Oil


  • A bucket of hot water (bearable)
  • Three to four drops of eucalyptus / lavender / clove oil

How to use

  • Add any of the essential oil above in a bucket of hot water.
  • Now sit for 10 to 15 minutes, putting your leg in the bucket.
  • After the time is over, take the leg out of the water and wash the leg with clean water.
  • This process can be repeated two to three times a week.

How beneficial

Eucalyptus oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory (inflammation-reducing) effects. Clove has antinociceptive (spasms reducing) effect with analgesics. Right there, the benefits of lavender oil include controlling pain. For this reason, it can be believed that these three essential oils can provide relief in the home remedy of leg pain.

4 – Epsom Salt and Baking Soda


  • Bearable hot water in a bucket
  • One teaspoon Epsom Salt
  • A spoonful of baking soda

How to use

  • Mix one spoon of Epsom salt and baking soda in a bucket of hot water.
  • After that, put your leg in the bucket and sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • After the time is over, wash the leg with clean water.
  • This process can be used on a convenience and need basis.

How beneficial

According to experts, Epsom salt is a common type of magnesium sulfate. By using it mixed with bath water, relief of swelling and joint pain can be relieved. It can also be helpful in muscle strain and cramps. At the same time, the use of baking soda can give some relief to the problem of swelling and pain. For this reason, it would not be wrong to say that hot water containing Epsom salt and baking soda can remedy the pain in the legs, which can prove to be beneficial to some extent.

5 – Massage


  • Two to three teaspoons of olive oil
  • Two drops lavender oil

How to use

  • First, add two drops of lavender oil in olive oil.
  • Now heat it slightly.
  • Now massage the affected area with this oil and leave it for the whole night.
  • This process can be repeated from one to two times a day.

How beneficial

Massage can be very beneficial in home remedy for pain in the legs. A research related to pain control published on NCBI website found that massage can help in relieving pain. In fact, massage activates blood flow to the muscles of the affected area and relieves pain caused by inflammation. In such a situation, massage can be used as a great option for the relief of leg pain.

After home treatment of leg pain, in the next part of the article, we will now tell about the treatment of leg pain.

Causes of Leg Pain, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Treatment of Leg Pain –

There is no definite cause of leg pain, so the pain in the legs can be treated only on the basis of the causes of its occurrence. Actually, the causes of inflammation in muscles, fracture and some diseases are included, which has been mentioned above in the article. The main reason for this will be examined first. Only then can the step towards treatment be taken.

To treat pain in the legs caused by general muscle stiffness, spasms and swelling, the doctor may recommend rest. Also, it can be suggested to use inflammation-reducing ointment and massage. In the case of fractures or other problems, it may be advisable to use medicines related to their treatment. In case of other causes of leg pain, steps should be taken towards treatment as per the advice of the doctor.

After the treatment of leg pain, we will now learn about the prevention of leg pain.

Leg Pain Prevention Tips –

Leg pain can be prevented by adopting the following measures.

  • Take adequate amounts of vitamin D through sunlight or foods. Vitamin D can be helpful in warding off risk factors that cause bone and muscle pain.
  • Use comfortable and convenient shoes according to your feet. Choosing the wrong shoes can cause leg pain.
  • People with obesity problem can control weight and avoid the problem of leg pain. The reason is that more weight causes more pressure on the leg. This may cause joint swelling and pain problems.
  • Avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time in one place. Keep changing your position and place every now and then. Actually, due to this habit, problems of leg pain can also arise.

Through the article, you got to know about many important things related to leg pain. This information obtained from the article will naturally help you in removing the causes associated with this problem. At the same time, the article also suggested several ways to remedy the pain in the legs, which can prove to be beneficial. By using this information obtained in this way, you can help not only yourself but also other people to get rid of this problem. For effective benefits, it is important to read all the points given in the article, only then take steps towards treatment.

Frequently asked Questions –

Q – Why do I feel heaviness in my legs?

A – This can happen due to the narrowing of the arteries, which has many possible reasons. In this situation, proper amount of blood cannot reach the leg. The resulting leg feel numb. It is a symptom of peripheral artery disease.

Q – Causes of lower back pain can there be pain in the legs?

A – If lower back pain is associated with sciatica, it can also cause pain in the legs.