These 6 habits dangerous for knees, arthritis may occur at an early age…

The problem of pain in joints is seen not only in the elderly but now in youth and children. The reason for this is that there has been a lot of change in people’s lifestyle and eating. Besides, due to some bad habits, problems related to bones are also increasing in people. Knees have an important role in our body. Through the knees, we are able to stand, walk and fold the legs. Arthritis is a serious problem of joints, in which there are unbearable pain and swelling in the hands and feet joints. Let’s tell you what are the bad habits for your knees.

Bad habits of eating
The main cause of arthritis and joint pain is the solidify of uric acid in the joints. Typically stress, excessive intake of alcohol, lack of food for long periods and due to lack of physical exercise, uric acid is stored in the joints. Apart from this, eating more meat, spices, sugar, salt and sour things also has a bad effect on the knees. Dehydration, i.e., lack of water in the body also causes uric acid deposits in the knees.

Hours of a place the habit of sitting

Continuing for many hours in the chair, complaining of pain in the waist is common and it also affects knees. Your blood circulation does not get better by sitting for a long period of time. Due to sitting in the same place, there is tightness in the waist and the muscles around it and it affects the blood circulation. Apart from this, sitting on a continuous chair can reduce your bone density, which increases the likelihood of diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis.


Obesity is another major cause of knee pain. Our knees have to be borne much of the body. Due to the high weight on the knees due to overweight, the joints cause more damage. If you are overweight with greater age then it increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Running more on the treadmill

People at the gym feel very good to run on the treadmill. But other exercises along with the races are also necessary for the body. If you run too much daily and do not exercise the other. then it has a bad effect on your knees.When the foot is fully stretched on the machine, the pressure of weight falls on the knee joint, especially on the triangular bone that protects the knee joint. With weight being very high the chances of the knee back side cartilage rub increase. So, call the trainer and run on the treadmill till the scheduled time.

From a high heel sandal

The trend of high heel sandal in girls and women is very high. Wearing high heels sandals make women appear long, but their knees have a bad effect on their knees. Wearing high heels of sandals can cause pain and sprain in the legs. Apart from this, the possibility of stretching in the legs muscles increases. In the long run, this habit can make your knees completely bad.

Wrongly waking up, sitting and standing

The wrong way to sit, rise and stand can also damage your knees. Standing for long periods of time. Standing forward leaning. Sitting can also be dangerous for your body joints.