Causes of Chest Pain

Causes of Chest Pain

Do you know the Causes of chest pain?

You will be unaware of these Chest pain causes

Let us tell you the causes of chest pain, after that you will know why your chest is paining.

Learn why there is chest pain, its symptoms, causes and home remedies

So in this article of My Health Only, we are going to explain the causes of chest pain, knowing the chest pain causes, you will be able to treat it as soon as possible.

Chest pain is a cause for concern. This problem increases in winter. There may be different reasons for chest pain and in most cases these reasons are not clearly known to the patient. According to Dr. KM Nadir of AIIMS, chest pain can be of many types. It can range from severe prickling to mild pain in the chest. Sometimes this pain reaches the neck and jaws. It can also be a pain due to any heart related disease. Therefore, it should not be taken lightly.

Do not ignore these symptoms of chest pain –

  1. Feeling of prickling or stretching in the chest
  2. Feeling of heaviness in the chest
  3. Trepidation
  4. Cold sweating in summer or sweating in cold
  5. Feeling weakness
  6. Dizziness
  7. Pain started from chest and spread to shoulder and arm
  8. Trouble swallowing
  9. Taste of mouth, deterioration
  10. Feeling uneasy
Do not ignore these causes of chest pain, You must know

Know why chest pain occurs – Possible causes of chest pain

There can be two major causes of chest pain. Most cases cause pain due to gas or acidity. The obstruction of blood flow in the heart muscle is the major cause of chest pain. This condition is called angina. Angina pain occurs for a few moments and resolves on its own, but if the pain is due to any heart problem, it can be severe. It can also be a heart attack and needs immediate treatment. Apart from this, it can be painful due to stretch in chest muscles and any disease related to lungs.

These are the home remedies for chest pain-

Some precautions are suggested to avoid chest pain. For example, do not eat heavy food. The easier the digestion, the lighter every part of the body will be. Stop smoking or alcohol consumption. If you feel chest pain, start walking. If there is gas, it will come out and you feel relieved. Taking lemon and black salt mixed in water is beneficial. Take care of the chest during cold days. Do not eat such things that cause phlegm in the lungs. In chest give warm fomentation before going to sleep in the night. It is beneficial to make a bundle of salt and foment it. If you have chest pain, mix one spoon of vinegar in a glass of water and consume it.

The use of garlic is also very easy and beneficial. Drink garlic juice mixed with lukewarm water, or chew two buds of roasted garlic. If you can feel chest pain due to indigestion, then drink warm water. You can also drink ginger tea or green tea. Stay away from things that can cause sugar, high blood pressure or cholesterol. Do regular exercise. Take a deep breath in fresh air. Regular intake of turmeric and basil relieves chest pain.

These are all chest pain causes, By know causes of chest pain you will be able to treat it as soon as possible.