Health benefits of honey…


Let us tell you wonderful health benefits of honey after that you will know why you should consume honey

Many effective health benefits of honey. Honey is beneficial in high blood pressure, heart disease, cold, digestion as well as anemic, and is also an alternative to sugar.

5 Marvelous health benefits of honey

1. Honey is good for your blood –

Honey affects the body differently, depending on how you consume it. If honey is mixed with lukewarm water and drunk, it has a beneficial effect on the number of red blood cells (RBCs) in the blood. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the bloodstream mainly to various parts of the body. A mixture of honey and lukewarm water increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, which benefits in the case of anemia. Iron deficiency, that is, anemia occurs when a small amount of iron is ingested in the diet or the body cannot absorb it sufficiently. This affects the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. Lack of oxygen carrying capacity leads to fatigue, shortness of breath and sometimes sadness and other problems. Honey can reduce these problems by increasing the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.

It is very important to have oxygen in the blood. How healthy your body is or how quickly it can heal itself after illness depends on the amount of oxygen present in your blood. Especially women need to take special care in this matter, because they have to go through the monthly cycle every month. Since a certain amount of blood is released from their body every month, the possibility of anemia is found in them more than that of men. If the brain does not get the right amount of blood, then the body and mind should work as, they will not be able to do that.

2. Honey: beneficial in blood pressure –

Regular intake of honey not only helps you in balancing the circulatory system and blood chemistry, but also keeps you energetic and agile. If you are complaining of low blood pressure and if you try to get up suddenly while sitting down, then you get dizzy. Low blood pressure means less amount of oxygen to the brain. Similarly if you turn your head down and you feel dizzy then it means that you have high blood pressure. You get dizzy either due to high blood pressure or due to lack of oxygen.

Consuming honey removes these imbalances in our body. Blood pressure in the body depends on the needs of the body. People think that high blood pressure is a disease, but the truth is not. Actually, the body determines the blood pressure according to its needs. If for some reason the body normally needs more oxygen or nutrients or the quality of blood is not as it should be, then the pumping system of the body’s blood pump starts pumping more blood. For this, the heart pumps blood rapidly for quick and fast flow in the organs, which increases the blood pressure.

There are also reasons behind low blood pressure, such as the body may need low pressure or due to congenital reasons, the heart is not so strong that it can pump more blood according to the needs of the body. It may also happen that there is a problem in the circulatory system of the body or due to the blood chemical composition. Often this happens due to several reasons simultaneously. Similarly, many consequences of high blood pressure are revealed, but initially high blood pressure itself is a result – it is a result, not a cause.

It is very important to maintain balance in your circulatory system and blood chemistry for people who practice yoga regularly and to mold the body in certain processes. Regular intake of honey not only helps you in achieving this balance, but also keeps you energetic and agile than expected.

3. Effective in chemotherapy –

There is also some preliminary evidence that it is effective in chemotherapy, that honey may prevent a decrease in the number of white blood cells (WBCs) in chemotherapy patients. In a small experiment, in 40% of patients at low WBC numbers during chemotherapy, after drinking two teaspoons of honey as a treatment, the problem did not recur.

4. Beneficial in heart care –

Take fresh juice of a pomegranate and mix one tablespoon of honey in it. Take empty stomach daily in the morning.

5. Honey helps in digestion –

Honey is beneficial in constipation, flatulence, and gas as it is a mild laxative, Honey also contains probiotic or supportive bacteria in abundance that help digestion, improve the immune system and reduce allergies. Use of honey in place of table sugar reduces the toxic effects of mycotoxins originating from fungi in the intestines.

These are all impressive health benefits of honey, By consuming honey you can make health good and avoid many diseases.