How to improve digestion…

Without any good digestive system, It is a distant thing for any person to be fat, It is also difficult to remain healthy. We get to see many people whose body is very weak. It seems as if they have nothing to eat.But such people eat the most, But the food they ate does not seem to be in their body. The reason for this is that their machine, ie digestive system is not right. Without digestive system you can not remove weakness.If you have to stay healthy throughout life then it is very important to repair your digestive system, Let’s know how to improve digestion.

Let’s come know how to improve digestion

If you see anybody whose body looks good and by looking at his personality shows, So understand that his digestion is correct. Good health is a sign of better digestive system. If your digestion system is not good or your weight is very low, then this article is for you. Today, in this article we will talk about what is digestive system? Symptoms of bad digestive system, due to poor digestive system, easy remedy to repair digestive system, home remedies and yoga.

What is the digestive system

Before proceeding with this article, it is very important to know that what digestive system is at the end. The digestive system is the action, when we eat anything, the work digestive system to deliver it correctly in our body. The digestive system gives strength and nourishment to our body by changing our food into energy, which strengthens our disease resistance ability and keeps us away from diseases.

If this digestive system fails, we will not be able to digest anything that we eat. Because of which our body will not get the necessary vitamins and minerals, consequently our body is filled with ailments. Gradually our immune system also stops working.

Why is the digestive system bad?

Generally we eat more food in the rounds of taste. By eating more at that time, we have to repent later. We do not pay attention to our health, but pay more attention to our work which is not okay. These problems weaken us and our weight decreases – what’s the reason:

* Working in the same place by sitting for hours.
* Eat fast food or junk food.
* The routine is not right.
* Do not take full sleep.
* Tension about work or something.
* Reducing physical work.
* Decrease in eating and drinking.
* Drinking water in very small quantities.
* Excessive consumption use of tobacco products (alcohol and cigarettes)
* Eating more quantity.
* Eating irregular food.
* Stay awake till late night.

Symptoms of bad digestive system

When we can not pay attention to our health and those who come to mind eat, then our digestive system worsens. Some of the major signs of defect of the digestive system are reported here.

* Due to dyspepsia
* Complaining of constipation
* Indigestion
* Acidity
* Problems related to stomach
* Burning of chest
* Irritable bowel syndrome
* Diarrhea

Remedy to early improve of digestive system
How to improve digestion let’s know this

1. Drink more quantity of water –

Water is valuable to us. Most people drink very little water. We should drink about 2 liters of water in a day. If your digestive system is not well then you can drink more water. It caters the amount of water in our body, which makes it easier to digest food. So drink water and drink plenty.

2. Keep your daily routine –

It is very important for a person to have a good routine. If your routine is not balanced then you will have to face many small problems throughout the day. You can remove digestive system from a better routine. Keep your routine right from morning to night sleeping Take your food at the right time. If your daily routine is right, then your body will continue to move accordingly. By which the digestive system will also be cured.

3. Get to sleep early in the night –

Many people stay awake late due to work and many due to their bad routine. They do not sleep early and get up late in the morning. Staying awake till late night causes adverse effects on the digestive system. So go to sleep after eating at night. If you stay awake till late night then your digestive system is going to be bad. The remedy to avoid this is to change the habit of sleep late in the night.

4. Take deep and good sleep –

Sleep is deeply related to our body. Just like we need to eat food, we need sleep too. It’s also hard to imagine good health without good sleep. Many people consider themselves over smart and think that they can keep themselves fit even when they get less sleep. You can do this for a few days but your health will get worse in the long run. So get a good sleep for 8 to 9 hours in one day.

5. Do the stress away –

Stress has become a huge enemy of the people today. Stress man hides inwardly like a termite inside a man. By which the person is surrounded by many diseases. Taking excessive stress causes the digestive system to get worse. So remove stress from your life.

6. Say goodbye to fast food –

Everyone wants to taste. In this taste, we eat fast food. Someone likes it less then someone more. The one who likes it becomes a victim of a poor digestive system. Sometimes fast food can run in the month. But if you take fast food daily, its negative effect will be visible to you. Take it in very small amounts and and instead take healthy food.

7. Do the physical work –

Most digestive systems are bad, people who do not do physical work. There are many people whose work is not physical. Such people can do some physical work in their daily routine. If they do not work, they can wake up in the morning and stroll. walk on foot or run. Apart from this, you can do sports or cycling.

8. Eat daily food at the right time

Eating at the right time is a sign of good health. From breakfast to dinner, you should have time to eat your meal. Our body molds us according to our daily routine. If we ever eat 1 hour before or an hour later, our food will be irregular every day. Which disturbs our digestive system. If you take your breakfast at 8 in the morning then take it at the same time every day. Do this at lunch and dinner too.

9. Do not reduce food and drink –

It is a problem of many people that when they feel hungry, they do not eat anything and when they are not hungry, then they eats something. Which is wrong, It is difficult to become healthy if you reduce your eating habits. Whenever you feel hungry, do not stop yourself. Eat something at that time. If you give food to the body during hunger then the digestive system will also be good.

10. Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes –

Alcohol and cigarettes are not good for our Health, it might not be necessary to tell you. Even though you know this, people continue to consume it despite knowing it. By continuously consuming these, our digestive system gets worse and many diseases are also encompassed. Apart from this, keep distance even from tea and coffee.

11. Avoid eating more food

Eating more than required is not good for our health. More eating can cause us indigestion. We should eat as much hungry as we need. Many times people eat more food in the taste and then they have to repent. You do not do this. Give your body more priority than eating. By taking more food, we have more pressure on our digestive system which is not proper. Avoid doing this.

12. Always sitting –

Do not work sitting – If your work is of office, you have to work in front of a computer or in the chair, then you keep taking breaks in between. If you have to work continuously, take a little stroll after take out few minutes every two hours. By sitting, our food is not digested. As a result, it becomes difficult for our digestive system to handle it.

13. Avoid oily food –

As our age increases. It is difficult for us to digest oily food. If we eat more Oily food, then this can lead to vomiting, indigestion and acidity. To avoid these, it is necessary to eat these things in very small amounts. Getting oily food is a bit difficult to digest. So help your digestive system and eat less oily food.

14. Avoid fatty food –

Avoid taking things that are very fat. Fat-rich substances slow down our digestion. If the digestive system is slow, it will take time to digest food. As much as possible, take less fat foods for better digestive system.

15. Exercise daily –

Exercise is very beneficial for our body. Add Exercise daily to your daily routine. Exercising daily gives us food better digestion. Apart from this, it maintains the correct level of our weight, which is good for our digestive health. So exercise daily and make a good health.

Know how to improve digestion, Take these things to increase digestive power…

Here we are giving you information about some fruits and food items, which will help to remove the problems of your digestive system and improve your health.

Cardamom intake-

Cardamom intake is very beneficial for a pregnant woman. It removes digestive problems of pregnant woman. You can take cardamom with tea.

Eat ginger –

Ginger keeps digestive juices and enzymes that digest food in our body. Its juice prevents digestion power from getting worse. You should consume ginger for correcting and strengthening bad digestion.

Take lemon –

Lemon is very beneficial for our health. By consuming it, it removes many problems in our stomach. Lemon removes our indigestion and stomach gas. It is also beneficial for our digestive power.

Eat salad –

If the salad is eaten, the fun of eating increases twice. Salad is also good for our health along with good food. If you want to digest well, then take a salad with food. In which you can take lemons, tomatoes and onions.
Guava is a very useful fruit that is nutritious. Guava is found in vitamin C, phosphorus and potassium which is good for health. By taking intake of guava, brain, heart and digestive power are strengthened.

Use fennel –

You can take fennel to remove acidity, reduce chest irritation and digest well. By taking one teaspoon of fennel a day, the digestive tract remains good.

Take aloe vera –

Use aloe vera to strengthen digestion. Aloe vera removes our digestive diseases, which include swelling and stomach ulcers. With water you can use the Aloe vera gel.

Use turmeric

Turmeric removes indigestion, ulcers, bile and other problems related to digestion of our body. To remove problems related to digestion, keep taking turmeric with a glass of water.

Gooseberry –

Amla removes vitamin C deficiency in our body. By continuously consuming the gooseberry, it protects our digestive system from deforming. You can also grind the gooseberry and add black pepper, asafoetida and cumin seeds to it.

Papaya intake –

Raw papaya is very good for health. Vitamins are not stored in the body due to intestinal weakness, we can get vitamin C from papaya intake. It contains papain, which divides the protein and makes the food digestable and makes the digestion process strong.

Eat bananas

Banana is found in every season. This is very good for our stomach. Along with being cheap, it also increases our digestive power. So eat bananas and make your health.
Apart from this, you should include mung bean, sprouted gram, wheat and barley bread in your diet and keep taking these fruits mango, pomegranate, fig, guava and orange. These fruits will keep your stomach clean so your digestive system will become stronger.