Benefits of Epsom Salt

Benefits of Epsom Salt

Do you know the wonderful epsom salt benefits?

You will be unaware of these amazing benefits of epsom salt

Let us tell you the impressive benefits of Epsom salt, after that you will know why you should use Epsom salt.

Have you ever noticed what happens in your pedicure tub in a salon? When your leg are painful or swollen, So why did the elders of the house said you to put your feet in a special salt water? Do you know what salt it is? If you believe that it is salt used in everyday food or rock salt, then you are wrong. This special salt is called Epsom salt. However, it is also called rock salt, but it is not rock salt i.e. rock salt eaten in the fast. In this article, we will tell the benefits of epsom salt, about which few people know. So in this article of My Health Only, we will tell you in detail about the properties of epsom salt.

The first question that arises is what is epsom salt?

What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt i.e. rock salt is chemically called magnesium sulfate. If there is a deficiency of magnesium in the body, then there can be many problems in the body, such as heart disease, diabetes and many other problems. Of course, eating epsom salt is beneficial, but it can be even more effective by putting it in water, taking a bath or spray. Keep reading this article to know the benefits of epsom salt.

15 Incredible Health Benefits of Epsom Salt, You must to know –

1 – Benefits of epsom salt to reduce stress

In today’s lifestyle, the pressure of work on people is so much that everyone is struggling with the problem of stress. In this situation, stress can be reduced to a great extent by taking a bath with epsom salt water or taking Floatation-REST therapy. During this therapy, the victim is seated in a tank filled with lukewarm salt water.

Use as:

Heat the bath water two to three times a week and add about two cups of epsom salt and bathe in it. Keep in mind that water should not be hot, but lukewarm.

2 – Benefits of epsom salt for leg pain, muscle strain and injury

Many people complain of leg pain at night after running and other tasks between home and office throughout the day. In such a situation, if you take epsom salt bath in hot water then you get relief. Instead of bathing, you add epsom salt in hot water at night. You can keep your feet in water for some time. This will not only give you relief from foot pain, but if there is any fungal infection in the foot, it will also provide relief. Not only this, with the help of epsom salt water, you can get relief from the problem of muscle strain, cramps or pain. You can also use it as a home pedicure. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also reduce injury and its pain.

Note: If you have wounds or blisters due to diabetes in your leg, it will not be appropriate for you to do this. It is better that you ask your doctor once.

3 – The benefits of epsom salt to control insulin production and diabetes

Nowadays many people are troubled by the problem of diabetes. This disease can prove fatal if you are negligent. Many times the lack of magnesium in the body can also be a cause of diabetes. Those who have diabetes, Magnesium is excreted from their body through urine. This causes the tissues to become insensitive to insulin. Lack of magnesium can lead to a decrease in insulin hormone levels, which can further aggravate diabetes. Therefore, intake of epsom salt may reduce insulin resistance.

Due to these complications, glucose remains in the blood and the condition of a person suffering from diabetes worsens. In such a situation, the intake of epsom salt can benefit diabetic patients to a great extent, but the dosage and method of intake is also important. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor before taking it.

4 – To clean the stomach

If the stomach is not well, then many more troubles start in the body, If you do not sleep at night due to stomach pain and cramps, you can use epsom salt, If you want to avoid constipation or stomach problems, you can take epsom salt. Epsom salt has laxative or stomach cleansing properties. Constipation and stomach problems can be relieved to a great extent by its use.

5 – Splinter, Fungus in the nail of the foot or inflammation

Woodworkers often have splinter problems. Sometimes this problem also becomes painful. At the same time, some people get foot infection, fungus or swelling problem. Many times this problem is not cured even with medicine. In this situation, home remedy can be beneficial. You can use epsom salt as a home remedy. You can add epsom salt in hot water and keep it affected for about 30 minutes on the affected part of the arm or leg. This will give you comfort. If magnesium levels in the body are correct and balanced, then infection, inflammation and other problems can be avoided. This keeps the skin hydrated and can also prevent skin inflammation.

6 – The benefits of epsom salt to lose weight

Everyone nowadays complains of weight gain. The main reason for this is wrong lifestyle and bad food. Obesity also leads to many more physical problems. In such a time, it is important to pay attention to it. For this, not only improve your lifestyle, like – exercise and yoga, as well as improve diet. At the same time, if epsom salt is consumed along with it, it can help a lot in reducing weight.

7 – Epsom Salt for Digestion

Many people have stomach and digestive problems due to incorrect eating. You can take epsom salt to improve digestion power. It has laxative or stomach cleansing properties, which will improve digestion power.

8 – Benefits of epsom salt for heart health

Now in a stressful life, it has become difficult to keep the heart healthy. In such a situation, it is important to follow a balanced lifestyle and good food. Also, some home remedies should be tried, one of them is the consumption of epsom salt. It protects the heart. It can prevent heart attacks, cholesterol, high blood pressure and other diseases. Therefore, you must include epsom salt in your diet.

Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

9 – Benefits of epsom salt for headache

Nowadays many people have headache and migraine problem. Due to work stress, poor lifestyle and wrong eating, this problem starts to increase. Therefore, whenever there is a headache problem, taking a bath with epsom salt water, it can provide great relief. In addition, at times magnesium sulfate is also given via injection, which can relieve the headache problem.

10 – Epsom salt to reduce pain

There was a time when there were problems of body pain only after an age, but today it is not so. In recent times, diseases and pain do not come by looking at age. Nowadays many people have stomach pain, muscle aches and cramps. In such a situation, bathing with epsom salt or its intake can reduce the pain problem to a great extent.

11 – Epsom salt for detoxification

Many toxic substances accumulate in our body due to wrong eating. If they are not taken out, then many types of physical problems start. Therefore, the body needs detoxification. Epsom salt can be very beneficial in this situation. You can consume it or take a bath with epsom salt water at least once a week.

12 – Epsom Salt for Skin

Everyone takes care of their skin, because healthy skin further enhances your personality. For this, people resort to different types of creams, makeup and treatments. Their effect lasts for some time and later the skin starts look lifeless again. In such a situation, home remedies prove beneficial and epsom salt is one of them. This not only exfoliates the skin, but also cleanses. You can use half a teaspoon of epsom salt with your cleansing cream to cleanse or exfoliate the face. Massage it gently with hands and wash the face with cold water.

Method of using epsom salt to clean the face:

If you want to clean your face, then you add epsom salt in your cleansing cream and apply it on your face like a scrub and then wash it with cold water.

13 – Epsom Salt for Sunburn

As the heat increases, it also affects our skin. In the summer there is a maximum sunburn problem, which is also very painful at times. In such a situation, if you want relief from sunburn, then epsom salt can be very beneficial. Its use can reduce the problem of sunburn.

Material :

  • Two teaspoons epsom salt
  • A cup of hot water
  • Spray bottle
  • Cotton wool

Method of making and using:

  • Prepare the mixture by mixing epsom salt in a bowl of hot water.
  • Now leave this mixture to cool down.
  • After cooling, put it in a spray bottle and spray it wherever you have sunburn.
  • If you want, you can apply it with cotton.
  • Then wash off with cold water after a while.

14 – Epsom Salt for Hair

Strong, thick and shiny hair is wanted by almost everyone, but due to busy routines, hair care becomes difficult. Because of this many women make their hair shorter. Although, women also use different types of shampoos and style treatments to enhance the shine of hair, but their effect lasts only for some time. In such a situation, epsom salt can be beneficial for hair. This will keep hair thick and healthy and will give new shine to hair. You can also use it like a hair spray.

How to apply:

Make a mixture by mixing the same amount of conditioner and epsom salt in a bowl.

Now apply this paste from the roots to the ends of the hair and leave it for two minutes.

Then wash the hair with cold water.

Note: If your hair is colored, avoid applying it or seek the opinion of a specialist before applying it, because epsom salt contains magnesium, which can have an effect on the hair color and make the hair lighter.

Important information: Try to use epsom salt externally instead of eating it, because it is high in magnesium and suddenly it can cause problems by dissolving in blood.

15 – Epsom Salt for Dandruff

In scalp, itching or dandruff problem also causes hair to deteriorate. However, many people also use anti-dandruff shampoo, but that does not work. Epsom salt is a good option in this situation. Wash the hair by adding epsom salt to your shampoo. It will clean the hair in a natural way and make them healthy. Below we are also describing a method of epsom salt for dandruff.

Material :

Epsom salt

How to use

  • Soak your hair with water.
  • Then massage your scalp with rock salt gently with hands.
  • Then wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Now that you have come to know the benefits of epsom salt, now is the time to know how to use epsom salt.

How to Use Epsom Salt –

Below we are telling you how much you should use it and how you can use it.

  • 1 – To soak the feet

Half a cup of epsom salt + a bathtub of hot water

  • 2 – To bathe

Two cups of epsom salt + bathtub filled with hot water

If using bucket

A cup of epsom salt + a bucket of hot water

Note: Keep in mind that the water is not lukewarm, otherwise your skin may burn. Also, do not use soap while bathing, as the use of epsom salt with soap may cause a reaction or allergy.

  • 3 – You can also use it as a scrub on your face or skin.
  • 4 – It can also be used as a hair cleanser or scrub for hair.
  • 5 – You can also use it to increase the shine of teeth or to remove the odor of the mouth.
  • 6 – You can also use it as a handwash.

Note: However, you should talk to your doctor about the exact dose, because the body’s needs are different. In such a situation, it is right to seek expert opinion. Also, if you have an allergic problem or you soon become allergic to something, you should consult a doctor before consuming or using it.

Epsom salt has its advantages as well as disadvantages.

Side Effects of Epsom Salt –

There are some side effects due to excessive intake of epsom salt. Below, we are also telling you about some of his losses.

  1. If you have diabetes and you have an injury or wound somewhere, the use of epsom salt can increase the problem.
  2. Diarrhea can be caused by excessive intake of it.
  3. Pregnant women do not use epsom salt. If you want to consume, consult your doctor once.
  4. Epsom salt has very little iodine content. Therefore, if iodine deficiency disease is to be avoided, then also take iodized salt with it.
  5. This can cause allergic problems.

If epsom salt is used properly, the benefits of epsom salt are many. Therefore, there is no need to panic by reading its side effects, because excessive use of anything is harmful. Use it properly to get the quality of epsom salt.

Frequently asked Questions :

Q – Can epsom salt be used to cure arthritis?

A – Arthritis is an anti-inflammatory disease. Epsom salt can be used to cure it. Epsom salt can relieve swelling due to various reasons. Magnesium can prevent bacterial infection (cellulitis), athlete’s foot, injury or scratches etc. Magnesium decreases C-reactive protein (CRP) production in the body. CRP increases inflammation in the body. If magnesium increases, then the CRP level will be lower.

Q – What are the alternative to epsom salt?

A – Epsom salt is a safe option for foot soak or bathing. You can use oatmeal, apple vinegar or essential oil to keep your skin, feet and scalp healthy.

Q – Can you eat epsom salt?

A – Oral intake of epsom salt is rarely advised, as its sudden increase of magnesium in the blood has its side effects. Therefore, you have to take lots of fluids while consuming it. Therefore, before taking it, you must consult a doctor.