Coronavirus: Worldwide infected cases exceed 1,074,290

Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Updates: Worldwide infected cases exceed 1,074,290; More than 56,987 people died

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Coronavirus has caused worldwide destruction. So far more than 56,987 people have died from this virus while more than 1,074,290 people are infected. At the same time, about two lakh people have also recovered. COP26, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, has been postponed in view of the expansion of Corona.

Coronavirus Updates:

1. 5000 deaths in France

The death toll in France rose to 5387 with more than a thousand deaths in 24 hours.

2. More than thousand deaths in 24 hours in America

In the US, a record 1169 deaths in the last 24 hours, the death toll crossed 6000.

3. Trump’s corona test negative

According to US President Donald Trump, for the second time, his corona test has turned negative.

4. One million infected worldwide

Worldwide, the number of people infected with the coronavirus has exceeded one million. In this, more than two lakh people have been infected in Italy and more than one lakh people in Italy and Spain.

5. 50000 deaths in the world

The worldwide death toll due to Corona virus has crossed 50 thousand.

6. 884 deaths in old age homes of France

According to the news agency AFP, 884 people died due to corona in old age homes of France.

7. 4500 deaths in France

In France, the death toll crossed 4500 in 24 hours with 471 deaths.

8. Number of cases of corona infection worldwide is close to 1 million

The number of cases of coronavirus infection worldwide has reached close to 1 million on Thursday. More than 5 million cases of corona virus infection have been confirmed in Europe. US President Donald Trump has warned that the days to come will be “frightening”.

9. Israel’s Health Minister infected with Corona, kept isolated

Israel’s Health Minister Yaakov Litzman has been isolated after being found infected with Kovid-19. After this, all the top officials including Mossad chief Yossi Cohen and National Security Advisor Meir Ben Shabbat who have come in contact with him have been separated.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also staying isolated after a top assistant was found to be infected but he was not yet found infected during the investigation.

The Health Ministry said in a statement on Thursday that Litzman and his wife are living separately, they are fine and undergoing treatment. Those coming in contact with the minister in the last two weeks will also be requested to remain separate.

10. More than 10 thousand deaths in spain

In Spain, 950 people died overnight due to coronavirus infection. With this, the death toll in the country has exceeded 10 thousand.

11. More than 1000 deaths in Belgium

According to the news agency AFP, the death toll in Belgium due to the corona virus epidemic has crossed 1000. This has been confirmed by the authorities there.

12. Australian scientists begin testing potential vaccines

Scientists in Australia said on Thursday that they were testing two potential vaccines for Kovid-19 that could prove to be milestones in laboratory tests.

Scientists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) said they are testing how effective the Covid-19 vaccine is.

They are also looking for better ways to protect against injections or nasal sprays.

Director of the Australian Animal Health Laboratory, Prof. Trevor Drew said that we have been studying SARS COV-2 since January.

13. Israel’s Health Minister infected with Corona virus

Health Minister Corona, who is in frequent contact with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top officials, has been found infected with the virus.

The Health Ministry said in a statement on Thursday that Yaakov Litzman and his wife are living separately, are well and are being treated.

Those coming in contact with the minister in the last two weeks will also be requested to remain separate.

According to Israel’s daily newspaper Haaretz, the country’s Mossad intelligence agency and the head of the National Security Council have also been asked to remain separate because they came in contact with Litzman.

In Israel, there are almost closed conditions to curb the coronavirus.

14. UNSC’s first meeting on Covid-19 next week or earlier

The first meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss the Coronavirus epidemic could take place next week or so.

More than 42,000 people have died worldwide due to this infection.

The current president of this apex body of the world body, the Dominican Republic Ambassador Jose Singer gave this information.

The presidency for the month of April rests with the Dominican Republic. Last month it was with China.

According to John Hopkins University, there are more than 9,32,600 cases of corona virus infection worldwide and more than 42,000 people have died due to this infection.

 15. Death toll from corona virus in Singapore reaches four

A fourth case of death due to coronavirus infection has been reported in Singapore. The total number of infected people in the country has reached 1,000.

On Wednesday, 74 new cases were confirmed out of which seven are Indian.

The ministry reported that there were 20 cases that traveled to Australia, Europe, South America, Africa and other parts of Asia. The condition of 24 people in the country is critical and they are in ICU.

16. Trump says people gathered on Florida Beach are the ”Most stupid’ in the country.

US President Donald Trump and American students gathered at the beach in Florida breaking the lockdown have been considered by the people as the nation’s “biggest fool” due to a lapse in ways to deal with the global pandemic Covid-19.

Ignoring the risk of infection with the coronovirus, pictures of several thousand people who went for a walk on the beach went viral on social media last month, which was severely criticized.

Trump has also been criticized for his methods of dealing with the Covid-19, delaying investigations and withdrawing the decision to open the country in a hurried Easter.

The organizer of the survey, Jeff Barge, declared it a ‘tie’ (equal) given the close collision between the two. He also said that the survey was only ‘jokingly done’.

17. America will take people out of stranded ship: Trump

US President Donald Trump said Wednesday that US officials would pull out those stranded after several South American countries refused help to a ship stranded in Florida in the wake of the Corona virus outbreak.

Trump said that the US is sending medical teams on this ship and will take people out and send foreigners to their homes.

He said that we will drive out the people of Canada and hand them over to the Canadian authorities. The same will be done with the people of Britain.

Coronavirus Updates
Coronavirus Updates

18. America has waged war on every front to defeat the corona virus: Trump

US President Donald Trump said that the US has waged a war against it to completely defeat the dreaded Corona virus.

So far 5,000 people have died due to this virus in the US and the number of infected people has crossed 200,000, which is the highest in the world.

According to the John Hopkins Corona Virus Resource Center, as of Wednesday night, 214,000 people have been infected in the US and 5,093 people have died.

19. North Korea claims it is free from coronavirus infection

A senior health official from North Korea claimed that the country is completely free of corona virus infection.

North Korea has made this claim at a time when the number of infections worldwide has reached nearly one million.

The already isolated nuclear-rich North Korea closed its borders in January soon after China came to terms with the infection and took strict steps to stop it.

20. Trump casts doubt on China’s data on coronavirus

US President Donald Trump has cast doubt on China’s official data on the coronavirus.

In fact, Trump reacted after US lawmakers accused China of hiding the truth of the whole affair on the basis of an intelligence report.

Trump told reporters how we would know the figures are accurate. The number seems to be low.

However, he said that the US has good relations with China and has close ties with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

21. America will buy ventilators and medical goods from Russia

The US has agreed to buy ventilators, medical supplies and other essential items for personal protection from Russia to treat patients with coronavirus. A top official gave this information.

22. Fraud in sharing relief material in PoK

In Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), there have been cases of fraud by Pakistani authorities while dealing with the corona virus.

Locals in Mirpur of PoK say that relief material being given to the poor is being sold by Pakistani authorities to retail stores.

A local says that a truck full of flour had arrived, but we were asked to go to the market and shop from there. These people are cheating.

23. Philippines President Duterte ordered to shoot

The President of the Philippines, Duterte, has ordered a shootout to deal with violent protesters during the Quarantine.

Left protesters went uncontrolled while distributing food among people in Metro Manila. Duterte then gave this order.

Late on April 1, Duterte said, “I have ordered the police and army to shoot them if anyone creates trouble and puts their lives in danger.”

He said- there is a need to follow the orders of the government and maintain governance. No one should harm health workers and doctors.

24. COP 26 conference postponed due to corona virus

The United Nations Conference on Climate Change has been postponed in view of the outbreak of COP26 corona virus. The UK government gave this information.

The COP was scheduled to take place in the Scottish city of Glasgow on 26 November.

The government said that this conference will now take place in the year 2021 and its dates will be announced later.

The British government said that it is not possible to organize COP 26 in November 2020 in view of the impact of Covid-19 on the whole world.

This is a ten-day conference to discuss measures to curb rising global temperatures, with around 30,000 people, including 200 leaders from all over the world.

United Nations Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa said there was no other way than to postpone the program.

25. 884 people died in a day in America

In the US, the highest number of 884 people died in one day on Wednesday due to Corona virus.

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that the US could evacuate Canadians and British nationals stranded in a cruise ship.

A six-week-old newborn infected with the coronavirus has died in Connecticut, USA.

The United Nations has postponed the upcoming summit on climate change. This information has been given by the UK government.

26. 2104 total infected in Pakistan

The total number of corona-infected patients in Pakistan has increased to 2104 as of 1 April.

These include 740 in Punjab, 709 in Sindh, 253 in Khyber Pakhtunwa, 158 in Balochistan, 184 in Gilgit-Baltistan, 54 in Islamabad and 6 cases in PoK.

While 26 people have lost their lives due to Corona.

27. Germany increased sanctions

Germany has increased the restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the corona virus by two weeks. Now this period has increased to 19 April.

28. Death toll in Iran crosses three thousand

The death toll from Corona virus infection in Iran crossed three thousand on Wednesday. Meanwhile, President Hassan Ruhani accused the US of missing a historic chance to lift the ban.

The relationship between the two countries has been tense since US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran in 2018 and reimpose sanctions.

Iran is constantly calling on the US to change its policy due to the coronavirus epidemic, which is opposed by US allies.

29. More than 500 deaths a day in Britain for the first time

According to the report of the news agency AFP, for the first time in the UK more than 500 people have died due to corona virus in a day.

30. 864 more dead in Spain in last 24 hours

In Spain, 864 people died in last 24 hours, death toll from corona virus infection exceeded 9,000: Government