Corona disease devastates the body like this..

Corona disease

Corona Disease

In December last year, the first cases of Corona virus Covid 19 were reported in China.

After this, it quickly spread to more than 140 countries around the world and the World Health Organization had to declare it an epidemic.

The corona virus causes a disease called covid 19 in humans.

Although its initial symptoms are very minor, it can also kill people.

How does this virus attack the body? How is it treated and why did many people who were being treated in the hospital die from it?

Corona disease

Virus incubation period

The official pandemic corona virus is named SARS COV-2. Incubation period is the time between infection and symptoms.

This is the time when the virus disease accumulates in the human body.

After going inside the body, this virus can cause trouble in breathing for humans. Its first attack is on the cells around your throat.

It then attacks the windpipe and lungs. Here it makes a kind of “corona virus factories”. That is, it increases its number here.

New corona viruses attack the remaining cells. You do not feel ill in the initial stages. However, in some people, symptoms start appearing from the very beginning of infection.

The incubation period of the virus can also vary among people. On an average, it is five days.