America: Coronavirus Outbreak

America: Coronavirus Outbreak

Corona Outbreak: Information about COVID-19 in the United States

Coronavirus: why Trump is on a different path from Modi

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a nationwide lockdown to deal with the corona virus at 8 pm on Tuesday 24 March. Many doctors and experts were making such arguments that India had no choice other than this.

But at the same time, in contrast, US President Donald Trump was doing a different thing. Trump says apart from Modi, that nation wide lockdown could cause the country to collapse.

But while the corona virus is spreading rapidly and serious concerns are being expressed around the world, Trump says that ‘beautiful times’ are coming to America in the beginning of next month.

This statement of Trump came at a time when the World Health Organization says that America is becoming the new center of Corona.

So far 55000 cases of infection with Corona virus have been reported in the USA and 775 people have died. While around 20 thousand people have died worldwide.

So what is the reason for this belief of President Trump of America? Why does he want to save America from lockdown?

America: Coronavirus Outbreak

America: Coronavirus Outbreak – What is going on in Trump’s mind?

In an interview to Fox News on Tuesday, Trump said before Ester that normalcy should be restored in the country. Easter is on 12 April.

He said, “Easter is a very special day for me. On that day you will see that churches will be fully filled in the whole country.”

But his concern was revealed in the next line and this concern was about America’s economy. After this, his same line continued in the White House press briefing.

Trump said that if the country is not open to trade and industries, the country may have to go through a terrible recession.

The American President said – you will lose many people. There may be thousands of people committing suicide. Many things can happen in the country. There may be instability in the country.

It is believed that President Trump is more concerned about the widespread damage caused by the economic recession. Trump argues that he will make any decision based on the facts.

The White House knew that Trump’s statement could create controversy as to how Trump could make such a statement when there was a situation in New York. Perhaps that is why in the same White House press briefing, Anthony Fauci, a leading expert on infected disease, said that there is no question of ignoring what is happening in New York.

Anthony Fauci is also a member of the Task Force on the Corona of the White House. There have been 25 thousand cases of corona infection in New York, so half of the whole of America.

According to BBC North American reporter Anthony Zurcher, New York Governor Andrew Kyomo has confronted Donald Trump many times and demanded more ventilators.

While Donald Trump is talking about loosening restrictions, many provinces are talking about lockdown. On Tuesday, a stay order was issued for people in Wisconsin, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Mexico, West Virginia and Indiana.

That is, the lockdown has been announced in 17 provinces of America.

America: Coronavirus Outbreak

Trump says America in 'great shape' amid coronavirus outbreak

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If the situation in America is getting serious day by day, then what is this statement of Trump pointing?

For the past several days, US officials have been talking about stopping the spread of corona virus infection. There is also talk of pressure on America Healthcare. But at the same time, the crisis of the economy is also being brought out loudly.

Last week, US Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin said that unemployment in America can go up to 20 percent.

According to the Goldman Sachs report, the GDP of the United States may fall by up to 24 percent in the second quarter. Earlier in 1958 in the US, GDP had dropped by 10 percent.

Amidst all this, President Trump of America said that America will soon be opened for business.

On Sunday, he said, “We cannot let the solution get worse than the problem.” After 15 days, we will decide which way we want to go.

According to BBC correspondent Anthony Zurcher, Trump supporters say that Trump’s political opponents can use the economy’s losses against him due to the Corona virus.

At this time, two types of opinions are coming out in the United States. One is the opinion that is being put forward in support of Trump, the second opinion is to take strict steps to prevent the infection of Corona.

In Trump’s government too many people are advocating for social distancing, while at the same time it is also being said that the economic impact cannot be ignored.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams has warned that bad times are yet to come in America.

He said, “I want to convince America that a worse time is coming.” Now more people are not taking this thing seriously.

Even if Trump talks about relaxing some, it will not be so easy for him. His dispute with the Governor of New York is not hidden from anyone, now the rest of the province can also come against Trump.

In a press conference on Monday, Trump said – if we leave the doctors, they can ask them to stop everything. They can say that the whole world should be shut down. We cannot do this with one country. Especially when it is the number one economy in the world.