Persistent cough


Persistent cough can also be a sign of cancer

If persistent cough has made you your victim then be a little cautious. A persistent cough that lasts for a long time can become very deadly in the future.

Cold and cough problems are common in winter, but if cough has made you a victim, then be cautious. A cough that lasts for a long time can become very deadly in the future. This type of cough can be a sign of bronchitis, pneumonia, TB or lung cancer. It is important to recognize these symptoms and then need to be treated accordingly.

Acid reflux cough

When acid moves from the stomach towards the food pipe. Then there is a sharp and persistent cough and the voice also becomes heavy. In this condition, cough increases while sleeping at night. There is a feeling of something stuck in the throat and there is bitterness in the mouth.

Cause and cure

There is a valve under the food pipe. When this valve is not closed well, then the acid starts coming back to the throat which causes a persistent cough, as well as a burning sensation in the chest. In addition, the surface of the food pipe is very sensitive. Acid causes confusion. Cough also occurs due to this. Therefore, eating foods that are rich in caffeine and acid and heavy food should be avoided.

Bronchitis phlegm

Our respiratory tract or branches attached to it become inflamed due to infection or allergy. This causes respiratory problems. This is called bronchitis. When thick and green mucus starts coming out with cough and breathlessness starts, it is a symptom of bronchitis phlegm.

Reason and treatment

According to doctors, bronchitis cough is caused by bacterial infection, air pollution and smoking. To avoid this, stop smoking immediately and drink plenty of water so that mucus can drain easily.