If you are troubled with the problem of cough in the night, then take 5 measures, get relief soon…

Problem of Cough
Coughing can occur in any season. Many times this problem of cough increases so much in the night that your sleep becomes difficult. Cough problems increase during the night because when you lie down at night, the mucus gets more gathered in the part of throat, by which the brain is repeatedly indicated for coughing. Usually, the problem of cough is more during the change of weather or in winter. The main reason for coughing is viral infection, which becomes more active in the changing season. If you are also troubled by the problem of cough overnight, then we are telling you 5 special things to get relief from this problem soon.

Make Ayurvedic decoction at home

Put 8-10 basil leaves in one cup of water. Insert 8-10 grains of black pepper in it. Then put a little ginger in it. Boil them all with a clove, little cinnamon, a pinch of dry ginger. Boil it until the water is halfway. Then after filtering, add salt or sugar to taste.

Straight on the mouth, do not let air

Doctors believe that if you have straight air occur on your mouth and nose, you will get more cough. So if the ceiling fan, heater, or air conditioner is running near your face while sleeping, then change its direction. If there is a problem of fever and headache with cough, do not use ac and cooler. Use the normal fan instead.

Definitely keep your bed clean

If you have cough and have allergic reactions, keep your bed clean. Use cover on blankets, pillows and mattresses as per the experts. A dusty bed increases the risk of respiratory diseases. For small babies the dust of the bed can be deadly several times. To get rid of these, wash all your bedding in warm water every week. Keep your mattresses and pillows wrapped in plastic so that dust particles can not come on them.

Control the breath

To try to control cough, you should try to control your breath. Try to breathe slowly through your nose. To calm cough, drinking hot drink in the form of a cup of tea reduces the cough attack seriously. A teaspoon of honey also helps you to stop feeling irritable in cough.

Definitely get advice from doctor

If you stay cough longer than 7 days in the night, then get your doctor checked by the time on time. For more than one week, coughing can also be a symptom of many serious lung disease along with TB, so contact with the doctor is essential.