Symptoms of pneumonia..


Nowadays it is common for pneumonia to occur. Although it is still the most prominent cause of death of children all over the world, according to recent figures, every year about 110,000 children, whose age is less than five years, die every year from this disease.

Know about symptoms of pneumonia

The main cause of pneumonia is a bacterium called Steptococcus pneumonia. Which affects our respiratory system by infected our lungs, but sometimes we also cause pneumonia due to any flu virus. Germs of pneumonia are opportunists, so if your immune system is weak, then you may soon get into its grip. It is a life-threatening disease, so it should be treated as soon as it is detected.

Signs of pneumonia, So many symptoms match to the cold and cough that sometimes misunderstandings happen. Therefore, there are some such traits which are very important to know.

It is very important to know the symptoms of pneumonia. Let’s learn what its symptoms are.

1. Cough

Its main symptom is frequent coughing. In bacterial pneumonia white or yellow sputum is released. In lung tissues, due to the infection of its germs, occasionally in spit blood stains are also seen. Legionella pneumonia also contains come bloody mucus.

2. Fever

In pneumonia, children get very high fever with strong cold, more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In older people, the intensity of fever is low.

3. Fast breathing

Pneumonia is an inflammatory disease. Its germs first attack the air pores of the lungs, and when their number is increased, then they start affecting the air passing through the nose and throat, which makes breathing very much difficult. When doing any difficult work, breathlessness is its main symptom.

4. Chest pain

On the increase in infection constantly coughing begins and due to excessive coughing you experience chest pain. As this pain increases, human beings more difficulty to breathing and coughing.

5. Hallucination

Due to shortness of breath, our brain does not get enough oxygen and essential nutrients. As a result, in many older people, the situation of hallucinations comes in.

6. Perspire

In infections of bacterial pneumonia, many people have been seen sweating in high fever that comes with cold.

7. Changing the color of lips and nails

Due to lack of respiration in bacterial pneumonia, the amount of oxygen in the body cells becomes significantly reduced, which often causes changes in the color of the nails and lips, the color of the nails becomes white and lips become yellow.

8. Low energy level and fatigue

Due to decreasing oxygen levels, there is constant fatigue, muscular pain, headaches and in the whole body weakness begins to occur.

9. Symptoms of mycoplasma pneumonia

Sometimes the main factor of pneumonia. Fungus or mycoplasma may also occur. In that condition, you may also have eye, ear and throat pain and skin rashes, along with the above mentioned symptoms.