Libido means…


So let’s know what Libido means?

If the meaning of libido is taken straight, it means sexual desire. It is greatly influenced by biological, psychological and social factors. Age, stress, personal and occupational problems, medicines, lifestyle can affect your sexual desires or work (affect your sexual desires or libido).

Let’s know what Libido means and how can increase it?

If you are also troubled by this and want to increase your low desires, then this is not too difficult. It may be time that you take steps to increase libido. This is not very difficult task. Just keep in mind that you do not believe in wrong people or advice. Maybe you are surprised to know that you can increase your sexual desire or sex power by fixing your food. For this you have to make small and tasty changes in your food-

Special things

  1. Dark chocolate contains L-arginine, amino acids
  2. Excessive stress can affect libido
  3. Watermelon can be helpful in increasing libido

So here are 6 superfoods that increase libido or sexual desire

1. Watermelon

Watermelon can prove to be helpful in increasing libido. In watermelon, phytonutrients are in great quantity that can improve sex life. Watermelon contains elements such as beta carotene, lycopene and citrulline that will give you relaxation and you will be able to spend a good time with your partner on the bed.

2. Coffee can boost your libido

When a right amount of coffee is consumed, it can prove to be good for you on the bed (superfood to increase sex drive). In many research, it was found that drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day could increase libido in men.

3. Almonds and pistachios can boost your libido

Almond contains a considerable amount of vitamin E. According to the research, the food that is rich in Vitamin E affects the hormones that affect the sexual desire (boost libido). So you can use nuts for this. Nuts are rich in vitamin E. So it can be helpful to make your time better on the bed. Almonds are good at this. Along with almonds, pistachios can also be helpful in improving sexual desire. Pistachios contain copper, magnesium and zinc. And all these minerals are helpful in maintaining excitement, That would be helpful in increasing the time on the bed. Not only this, nuts helps increase the quality of sperm count, and increase the number of sperm count.

4. Potassium-rich foods can boost your libido

A food that is rich in potassium can prove to be helpful for you. Low the level of potassium in the body, In addition to the imbalance of electrolytes, also can increase blood pressure. Which can cause problems of lack of excitement. So eat foods that are rich in potassium. Include bananas, avocados, coconut etc.

5. Saffron can boost your libido

Saffron is generally seen as a home remedies to increase sexual desire. Perhaps one reason may be that on the first night, the wife gives a saffron milk for her husband. Saffron stimulates estrogen, serotonin and other good hormones, which reduce the stress or tension, make the feeling of peace in the mind and increase your closest moments on the bed.

6. Dark chocolate can boost your libido

Dark chocolate works like superfood to enhance libido, dark chocolate contains L-arginine, amino acids that improve the sex drive, (natural booster for sex drive).