Benefits of bananas…

Banana is more nutritious than other fruits, as well as a good treatment option. But apart from this, Banana also has many qualities, which are very beneficial for your health. Let us know, the benefits of bananas

These benefits of bananas will surprise you

1. Banana is rich in glucose, which is helpful in giving energy to the body immediately. It contains 75 percent water, in addition, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and copper are also found in sufficient quantity.

2. It is also beneficial to build blood in the body and to purify the blood. Iron, copper and magnesium present in it play an important role in blood build.

3. The banana is very beneficial in cleaning the intestines too. Also, banana is very effective if constipation complaint.

4. Having any type of problem in the intestines, eating bananas with curd beneficial in diarrhea or dysentery diseases.

5. Cut baked bananas and mix them with sugar and keep them in the vessel. After this pot put it in warm water and heat it. From the juice created like this the problem of cough ends.

6. In the case of tongue ulcers, it is beneficial to consume banana with curd made from cow’s milk. This causes the ulcers to cure.

7. The use of banana is very beneficial in the treatment of asthma. Many people cut the banana with the peels straight or standing, putting salt and pepper in it and keep them in the moonlight overnight and in the morning feed this banana roasting on the fire and feed the patient. Doing this gives asthma patients relief.

8. If there is a problem of bleeding the nose in the summer season, One ripe banana, with sugar mixed milk regular eating during the week there is beneficial, It stops coming of nose bleeding.

9. If there is an injury or scratches, the banana peel is not swollen by binding on that place. Regular intake also ends the intestinal swelling.

10. Burning on fire in any place of the body instant relief is given on the application of banana pulp as an ointment.

11. Applying the pulp of the banana with honey on the face with the city ends the wrinkles of the skin, and the skin comes in tightening. Its use also results in natural shine on the face.

12. Regular consumption of two ripe bananas is very beneficial for women having leukorrhea problems. One banana per day, along with about 5 grams of pure native ghee, leukorrhea disease is also removed by eating in the morning and evening.

13. Banana is also used in the treatment of jaundice. By eating it, jaundice is removed.

14. Banana is also a panacea for weight gain. By consuming two ripe bananas with one bread milk per day, the weight grows fast. This experiment proves to be quite beneficial for almost a month.

15. Ripe banana according to Ayurveda, destroys soft, semen, nutritious, muscular, hunger, thirst, eye diseases and gonorrhea. Whereas raw banana is heavy for digestion. And causes of, air, cough and constipation.

16. Banana is also very beneficial for mental health. This is a nutritious and brain-enhancing diet.

These are all benefits of bananas, By eating banana you can make health good and avoid many diseases.