Take care of things related to sexual hygiene…

There is a very important role of cleaning during sex. If you do not want to compromise the health of yourself and your partner, then take care of certain things related to sexual hygiene.

Sexual hygiene is necessary

Do you know how cleanliness is necessary during or after sex? If you do not take care of sexual hygiene, it can harm your health. It is important that you take care of sexual hygiene every day. Let’s learn how.

Sexual hygiene 1

It is important for men to wash their private parts after sex and at the time of washing remove the foreskin and wash it. This is because the dead cell inside it, and from frozen sperm have a risk of infection.

Sexual hygiene 2

Women should take special care of their cleanliness after sex or anyway. Women should never wash their private parts from the backwards to the front, The movement of your hands at the time of washing should always be on the backwards, so that there is no infection.

Sexual hygiene 3

Both partners should wash hands and nails well before and after sex. If you do not do this, there will be risk of infections during the foreplay.

Sexual hygiene 4

Clear the unwanted Hair around the private part or keep it short. Especially during the summer, due to these the fear of infection remains.

Sexual hygiene 5

In the starting two days of Periods to avoid the trouble of unpleasant odor, women should avoid sex.

Sexual hygiene 6

If there is any type of ulcer or infection in the private part or mouth then stay away from oral sex. If you do not do this, there is a possibility of a one infections transfer from one to another partner.

Sexual hygiene 7

If you feel the need to go to bathroom before sex then do not stop it. By doing so, you can get rid of the bacteria present in bladder and prevent infection as well.

Sexual hygiene 8

Your undergarment should be of good quality. Do not choose more tight undergarments. This increases the risk of infection. So try to choose Natural Fabric.

Sexual hygiene 9

Try to use condoms during sex. This will not only save you from infection but will also protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.