Benefits of sex…

By not having sex, there are many effects on your body, mind and mental health. There are many benefits of sex, So there also many of disadvantages to not having sex. Sex reduces stress, mood is good, feels freshness, sleep well, calories burned, but with no long-term sex, the similar type of losses is also very much.According to a study by American University, people who suddenly stop sex and after that if they do not have sex for a long time, then there are many harmful side effects on physical and mental health. In this article we are going to tell you about the benefits of sex in detail and the consequences of not having sex for long periods. Let’s know what are the benefits of having sex and what are the disadvantages of closing sex or not having long-term sex.

So let’s know about the benefits of sex

The health benefits of sex

Sex is beneficial for the heart

Sex is beneficial for the health of the heart. According to a study by the American Journal of Cardiology, people who have sex twice a week have a low risk of heart disease. At the same time, the possibility of stroke, heart attack, also decreases. Sex enhances sexuality and excitement, which increases blood circulation and by increasing blood circulation, the risk of heart disease decreases.

Sex relieves menstrual cramps

Having sex in periods relieve the stomach ache and cramps. By having sex, the cramps of the uterine muscles are removed, which reduces the pain of periods. Sex is safe and beneficial during periods because the risk of pregnancy decreases during this time.

Sex is beneficial for the reduce stress

The level of good mood hormones or happy hormones endorphins increases by having sex. Having sex causes secretion of endorphin hormones, which is a mood booster hormone and is useful in reducing stress. By increases the level of Happy hormone, tension gets reduced, so sex is also beneficial for good mood and happiness.

Sex is beneficial for the good sleep

According to a report from the National Sleep Foundation, By having sex, prolactin hormones are secreted, which relaxes the body and it makes sleep well. Therefore, it is also beneficial for sex to eliminate the problem of not sleeping.

Sex increases the beauty of skin

Having sex increases the beauty also. Morning sex improves the mood for the whole day, as well as makes the skin beautiful and blood circulation increases. By which new cells are formed and your skin becomes beautiful.

Sex is beneficial for the body’s energy 

Having sex in the night, sleep well, while doing sex in the morning, blood circulation increases, get energy, stress is low, and mood remains good. Therefore, by having sex, your mood remains good, and you are happy and you get the energy to work.

Side effects of not having sex for a long time

If you do not have sex, there may be problem of erectile dysfunction.

During many studies, it has been found that by not having sex long, men have a problem of erections is created. It also threatens disease like erectile dysfunction, which can be detrimental to your sex life.

Immune system weakens by not having sex for long periods of time.

Sex works like an exercise that is useful for strengthening the immune system. By not having sex for a long time, immunity decreases and the immune system also becomes weak, which increases the risk of falling sick.

Tension increases without having sex for long periods.

By having sex, secretion of happy hormone endorphins is high. But to stop sex suddenly and not having sex for a long time, blood pressure is also increased. The level of stress reduction endorphin hormone decreases, this is the reason that by not having sex, the stress increases.

By not having sex, the problem of not sleeping does increase.

By having sex sleep is good, but with no longer having sex, the problem of sleepiness is also born. Also, due to the increase in tension, strange and poor dreams also arise, causing serious problems such as sleep deprivation.

These are all benefits of sex, By doing sex you can make health good and avoid many diseases.

While having sex take care of things related to sexual hygiene