Early Symptoms of Coronavirus..

What Is Coronavirus?

Corona Virus: What are the early symptoms of Coronavirus? How to identify

Scientists have identified a pattern of symptoms associated with the novel corona virus and its most common symptom is fever. According to a recent study of 140 patients hospitalized in Wuhan, China, other symptoms include fatigue, dry cough, muscle aches, shortness of breath.

Coronavirus symptoms

Citing the study, the Business Insider said, “On average, patients experience a shortness of breath for five days after symptoms first appear. Some patients also reported symptoms related to common cold or flu such as sore throat, but their numbers were quite small.

More than 54 percent of the patients included in the study were male and had an average age of 56 years. According to CDC Director Robert Redfield, “In the last two weeks, I have learned that the way this disease has been introduced is much more than that.”

Redfield said, “This is more than a disease caused by contact. Of the confirmed cases, the one we saw was only presented as a sore throat.” The number of people who died of corona virus in China reached 1523 on Saturday. At the same time, about 25 countries are affected by it all over the world.