Coronavirus Disease 2019

Coronavirus: Prevention, symptoms and treatment

Prevention, Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019

Corona virus infection, which started in Wuhan city of China, has now spread to many countries around the world. After China, after many countries including Iran, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, now it has knocked in India too. There is no cure for this virus in any country. But yes you can avoid it by taking some precautions. According to the World Health Organization, research so far has shown that the virus is not spread through air but due to breathing / exhaling, coughing and sneezing. Therefore, keep a distance from those who have suffered from cold and flu.

Regarding the symptoms of corona, Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital Senior Consultant Dr. KK Pandey says that this coronavirus (COVID 19 has a fever, a dry cough and then there is difficulty in breathing, this corona virus of COVID 19 Known by the name, it has symptoms like cough, high fever, breathlessness.

Severe coronavirus

Especially it is completely different from other flu. Those who have come from infected countries are more vulnerable to this, they should go to the Nodal Center and investigate. It is also special that 85% of the people have it as a mild disease, which is curing on its own, 15 need to go to hospital, only 5% of people have severe corona virus. So there is no need to panic.

Various types of confusion are being spread in the country regarding the coronavirus, in such a situation, it is very important to know what to do if someone comes in the grip of this disease or there is a possibility of coming. Regarding this, Dr. KK Pandey said that corona is not a strong cure for viral infection. In this, the patient is given supportive treatment. Treatment is done on the basis of symptoms. Special rescue must be kept for this. Especially the mask is also necessary to prevent infection, wash hands. The good thing for our country is that after China, we got a lot of idea about this disease and at the time this virus came in our country, summer has started here.

Severe coronavirus

These viruses do not spread in summer, do not spread panic about it. It is expected that he will get a lot of relief in April. Basic awareness is essential to avoid this disease. Special care is needed if your family member has returned from traveling to these infected countries.

People wear masks incorrectly and touching the face repeatedly can increase the risk of infection. Regarding this, Dr. KK Pandey tells that do not touch the mask at all, always remove it from behind while removing it and wash hands before and after wearing the mask.

 Here we are also telling you tips, which you can avoid by adopting corona virus

Wash hands:

Germs that spread disease throughout the day are in your hands, wash hands frequently to avoid them.

Global Advisory: The World Health Organization says that hand hygiene is the most important factor to avoid Covid-19 coronavirus.

CDS: America’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention has described washing hands with soap and water as the best prevention method.

Who is the best soap, water or sanitizer

  • Handwashing with soap and water is said to be a good option, as the sanitizer has proved to be unable to kill some germs.
  • Sanitizer is also not good for greasy and dusty hands.

Alcohol is an alternative

If there is no soap, you can use an alcoholic sanitizer.

This is the right way to wash hands, learn in 5 steps

  1. Firstly wet your hands under the water tap and turn off the water tap.
  2. After this, apply soap in the hands well behind the hands, between the fingers and around the nails.
  3. Scrub the hands for 20 seconds.
  4. Wash your hands with clean water
  5. Wipe your hands with a dry clean cloth.