Health benefits of celery…


Let us tell you wonderful health benefits of celery after that you will know why you should consume celery

Celery is a treasure of qualities, know its 8 benefits

There are such beneficial ingredients in small seeds of celery, from which you are still unaware. Celery is a good medicine to get rid of cold-cough and runny nose.

Usually celery is used to increase the taste of Namkeen Puri, Mathri, Namak para and Parathas. But in the small seeds of celery, there are such beneficial elements from which you are still unaware. In the event of indigestion, the mother often instructs us to eat celery with hot water and salt. Not only this, celery is a sure medicine to get rid of cold and cough, runny nose. It contains plenty of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements, Which not only gets rid of frozen phlegm in the chest but also give relief in cold and sinus. Here we are telling you about eight such health benefits of celery:

8 Marvellous health benefits of celery

Special things

  • Celery is a good medicine to get rid of cold and cough, runny nose.
  • It contains plenty of antioxidants and anti-irritant elements.
  • Celery gives relief in many diseases like gas, vomiting, diarrhea.

1. Get rid of stomach ailments –

Celery is the panacea for many stomach ailments. By taking this, stomach pain, gas, vomiting, sour belching and acidity are relieved. Prepare powder by grinding celery, black salt and dried ginger. Sour belching and gas problem is overcome by taking this powder after eating food. Chew celery when stomach is upset. Not only this, there is nothing better than celery if you want to correct the digestion.

2. Helpful in weight loss

Celery is also very helpful in weight loss. Drinking celery water increases the metabolism of the body, due to which the fat starts to decrease. Soak celery in a glass of water overnight. Mixing honey in it and drinking it on an empty stomach quickly helps. If you want, you can also boil celery in water and drink it.

3. Relief of colds and coughs –

If your cough is not curing then the water of celery will benefit a lot. For this, boil the celery after mixing it in water. By adding black salt to it, drinking will give comfort.

4. Arthritis

Celery also provides relief in arthritis. Making a bundle of celery powder and baking it in the knees is beneficial. Drinking half a cup of celery juice mixed with dry ginger also cures arthritis.

5. Remove gingivitis –

If there is swelling in the gums, adding a few drops of celery oil in lukewarm water, then gargle it will provide relief. Apart from this, roast the celery and grind it into a powder. Brushing this helps to relieve pain and swelling of the gums.

6. Relieve the pain of periods –

Many women have a lot of pain in the waist and lower abdomen during periods. In this case, taking celery with lukewarm water relieves pain. Yes, keep in mind that the celery effect is hot and if the blood flow is high, So it should not be used.

7. Removes acne

Now you know that celery fixes the digestion. It is obvious that if the stomach is clean then pimples will not come. If you have acne on your face, then grind a little celery with curd and apply this paste on the face. When the coating is dry then clean it with warm water. Acne will disappear in a few days.

8. Celery water after delivery –

After delivery of the child, women are advised to drink celery water. This cleanses the stomach and also provides warmth to the body. However, before drinking celery water, you must consult your doctor.

These are all incredible health benefits of celery, By consuming celery you can make health good and avoid many diseases.