Frequent weight increase-decrease can be dangerous, Learn how health affects…

There are many people who start to lose weight but raise the weight again in the affair of party enjoy or eating their favorite things. Yo-Yo dieting is the process of continuous weight increase-decrease. This way, repeatedly increasing weight and reducing weight can be dangerous for your health. In a recent study in Columbia University (New York), it has been found that those who do Yo-yo dieting, i.e., Increase-reduction their weight in a short time. They are more prone to heart diseases.

Weight loss-enhancing effect on health

By making the right diet schedule, people lose weight once, but they can’t maintain much more. The result is the uncontrolled eating and then the weight gain. This situation is called Yo-Yo Diet Syndrome. Not only this, despite the adoption of different methods of dieting, there can be depression and heart diseases if there is no success.

Decrease body metabolism

If you lose your weight by dieting, but in a few days do not stop yourself, then weight increase again, it can harm your health. This type of dieting affects the body fat, as well as muscles. These changes suddenly occur in the body make the metabolism unbalanced badly.

Why people’s weight increases after dieting

Often people can not follow their diet plans because they are very difficult. People make very strict diet plan to reduce weight fast. At the beginning, they lose weight fast, but after a few days they can not follow their diet plan, weight starts to grow again. Make the diet plan easy to avoid this.

Risk of heart diseases increases

Reasons for fast weight loss and increasingly, the risk of heart disease increases substantially. When there is a shortage of nutrients in the body, there is a disturbance in cortisol hormones which affects the biological process of the body. This is the reason why Yo-Yo diet does not consider the dietician right.