Types of Vagina..

Types of Vagina

Do you know how many types of vagina?

There are 9 types of vagina of women?

Know 9 types of Vagina?

The purpose of explaining many types of vaginas is that all women should be proud of their organs. What we see in the media, we sometimes think that we do not have that beauty in terms of appeal! The purpose of this article is to convince you that each type of vagina has its own distinct nature.

What is the type of vagina?

In all the articles you have read till date, the author classifies the vagina on the basis of texture only, which shows his incomplete and superficial knowledge. Apart from the external shape, its classification is also necessary on the basis of vaginal fragrance, depth, sexual performance and taste etc.

There are a total of nine types of vaginas based on scientific and demonstrative research.

Temperature: One of the other important factors is also what is the internal temperature of your vagina ie how hot it is?

Moisture: Another defining feature of the vagina is moisture, which is a factor in the quality of vaginas.

Other factors include the depth of her vagina, her opening, her clitoris, the location of the clitoris and G-spot, the labia majora and her performance at sexual intercourse.

The nine types of vagina are classified as follows;

Types of Vagina

1 – The Deer Woman:

“Deer vagina” refers to a vagina that is warm in temperature but relatively dry. It is deep, slightly sour in taste, which takes 2–5 minutes to reach orgasm. Overall, such a vulva can prove to be an ideal vagina for the partner.

2 – Fox Woman:

A woman who has a fox vagina is very deep in texture, and tasteless, at normal in temperature. As foxes are wild animals; Visually cool but deep in mind.

3 – The Dancing Women:

Dancing Women This is apparently the average type of vagina most women have. These vaginas have an average depth, passive taste and are moist. A woman with this type of vagina takes the longest time to orgasm from sexual intercourse – an estimated 40 minutes but remember, this is average!

4 – Antelope Women:

If an antelope is a vaginal woman, it means that the internal temperature of the vagina is extremely hot!

However, the tremendous heat of the vagina dissipates its moisture, so this type of vagina requires lube in moments of love.

5 – The Buffalo Women:

Buffalo Vagina is a great vagina. This type of vagina is very cool, fresh smelling and very moist. In terms of depth, it is shallow and its large labia majora make it more effective. This vagina has a salty taste and usually takes 15–20 minutes to orgasm.

6 – The Cat Women:

Cat Vagina is interesting, it is a vagina that Playboy has always used in its magazines in such a way as to display the vagina. It is small, beautiful and clean and has a medium depth. Although this type of vagina falls in a very beautiful category, most vaginas are not like this.

7 – Sheep Women:

Sheep vagina is very hot in temperature, extremely wet and very deep. Its taste is sweet rather than sour and its orgasm occurs after intercourse for 15-20 minutes.

8 – The Wolf Women:

Like a wolf, women with this type of vagina have a tendency to make loud sounds during sexual intercourse and orgasm. It is intrinsically warm in temperature and relatively moist. It can take about 20-30 minutes to orgasm and to reach the extreme happiness.