Health benefits of tea…


Let us tell you powerful health benefits of tea after that you will know why you should drink tea

Let us know the benefits and health benefits of drinking tea. Tea is such a drink which has been trending for centuries. Tea is considered to be the most favorite beverage not only in India but also in worldwide. In India, the beginning of the day of more than 90% of people is from tea, Which is known as Bad Tea culture in cities. This culture has now reached the villages as well.

Many people are so fond of tea that they drink two to five or more teas a day. Rather it would not be unfair to say that tea has become such an important part of our life that now you can not stay away from tea even after wanting.

In summer or winter, those who are fond of drinking tea find an excuse to sip tea in every season. Despite having caffeine in the tea, if it is consumed in the right amount, So it body benefits greatly.

Along with providing freshness tea also gives a lot of health benefits inadvertently. If you also consider tea as an unbreakable part of your life, then let us know about the benefits of drinking tea today.

11 Effective health benefits of tea

1. Shine in hair-

For good shine in hair, use green tea. It also originates from the same tree from which black tea comes. But it is not oxidized due to which the number of electrons in its leaves is abundant. This electron maintains shine in hair.

Put three bags of green tea in boiling water, When the water is cold, wash hair from it and then conditioner. If you want dark hair then use black tea.

2. Give coolness to eyes-

Sometimes, hormonal changes, stress, excessive alcohol or allergies cause swelling or fatigue is coming in the eyes. In this case, keep the used tea bag for ten minutes on both of your closed eyes. Your eye will feel fresh and fatigue free.

3. Keep old age away-

It is true that the tea may be black, green or any other flavor, but all teas contain antioxidants, anti-catechins and polyphenols. Which have positive effects on our body. This protects the body from the effects of aging and pollution.

4. Low calorie-

Tea is calorie-free, unless you add sugar or milk to it. If you want to drink tension free calorie free drink then tea is a good choice. Its intake causes weight loss, and makes slim trim.

The body needs to be hydrated after excessive fatigue or work, in this case, tea is a great option, it will provide energy as well as refreshment. Due to caffeine, having two teas a day is in the interest of health.

5. Anti-cancer properties-

The tea contains properties such as antioxidants and polyphenols that aid in fighting cancer. According to scientific research, those who drink two to three cups of tea have a lower risk of breast, mouth and prostate cancer than others. It would not be wrong to say that tea protects against cancer.

6. Strengthens teeth-

Drinking a cup of tea in the morning strengthens the teeth. Tea is the best source of fluoride, which protects the destruction of tooth enamel. Its antioxidant properties helps in fighting bacteria and relieving gum problems.

7. Protect from sunburn-

Because of being in more sunlight, it is natural to have Sunburn mark on face. In such a situation, keep the tea bag in water and keep it in the fridge to cool down, and where the skin is affected, keep the cold tea bag for ten minutes, the effect will be seen immediately.

8. Reduce fat-

Consumption of tea increases the body’s metabolism. If you consume green tea, 70-80% calories are burnt and the metabolic rate increases. But this does not mean that you stop exercising and jogging.

9. Fight with diseases-

The intake of tea helps the immune system to fight infection. Common problems like cold, cough and headaches can be corrected in a pinch.

It helps in stopping the process of blood clotting in the arteries, and helps its function to run smoothly, which causes blood flow well in the body. Tea consumption smoothness in the arteries and does not allow cholesterol to freeze. Due to which the risk of heart attack and stroke becomes too low.

There is an antioxidant called flavonoid present in the tea which helps to keep the heart from all types of problems. Consumption of green tea does not cause acne. It inhibits benzoyl proxide present in the skin, Which frees the face from the spot.

10. Memory gets faster-

It is said that by drinking tea the vein of the brain opens up and freshness is felt consuming memory cells becomes active. It also reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Perhaps this is why old age people are consuming more tea.

11. Strengthen bones-

According to the research, people who have been drinking tea for a long time have found their bones stronger than those who do not drink tea.

According to research, the bones of tea drinkers – despite increasing age, obesity, lack of exercise, smoking and other harmful habits – are also strong. But this does not mean that you also become victims of such habits. This is a study done on some people.

These are all 11 wonderful health benefits of tea, By drinking tea you can make health good and avoid many diseases.