Side effects of marijuana…


Let us tell you side effects of marijuana after that you will know why you should not consume marijuana

You know that marijuana is much more dangerous than tobacco for diseases like cancer.

In 2014, the 31-year-old mother of three was found dead in her home. The woman, Gemma Moss, who lives in Dorset, went into depression after the breakup and consumed marijuana drugs for sleep. His post-mortem report after the death shocked everyone. The person who did the post mortem of that body said the woman had a significant amount of toxin called cannabis in her blood which led to her death. Hearing this news, those who took cannabis also came in the way of those who argued that taking drugs does not harm the body.

Although there are many drugs like pot, weed, spliff, dope, hemp, but taking marijuana in comparison to them is much more enjoyable. Some argue that unlike addiction drugs such as cocaine, heroin and crystal meth, marijuana is not addictive. It is commonly believed that marijuana use is not a threat because it is also used as a medicine in countries where it is legal.

The legalization of psychoactive drugs has long been an important part of the liberal political agenda and in between there was a lot of debate on this. It is considered legal in countries such as Canada but hanged when caught with marijuana in countries such as Singapore and China.

Marijuana completely changes the mood and also increases excitement. But it also increases mental troubles and anxiety, due to which it can also be very dangerous for those taking cannabis. However, it also has some benefits, so people forget about the harm caused before taking cannabis. If you also consume cannabis, then first know about the seven side effects that occur.

Health related side effects of marijuana

It is addictive! :

If someone tells you that drinking marijuana does not make him addicted, then tell him that there is scientific evidence that prolonged use of marijuana can make a person habitual. Marijuana consumption is particularly dangerous in adolescents as their brain begins to develop in adolescence and it affects their brains. Youth who consume marijuana are two to four times more likely to become intoxicated in the first two years than adults.

It affects brain development:

Our brain develops continuously from birth to the age of 21. This is the time when our brain is most affected by drugs. Therefore, marijuana’s primary ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol, has a significant effect on the brain by consuming marijuana in adolescence. It affects the development and function of the brain nerve. This affects our everyday activities and we become sluggish. Because of not being able to control your impulses, you want to end your life. This is the reason why you are not able to stop yourself from leaping from the building.

This lowers the IQ level:

It is really difficult to resist the pressure of your colleagues. But when someone gives a spliff on your hands, you also have a reason to avoid it. Continually smoking cannabis from adolescence to puberty can lower your IQ. Remember this and smartly refuse them.

It may increase the risk of mental illnesses:

Some people who take pot believe that it does not provide mental peace. Regular consumption of marijuana also makes people more prone to depression and anxiety. However, it is not fully known how this happens. People who have genetic complaint of mental illness due to the use of Weed. Their mood may worsen. The use of marijuana can worsen schizophrenia patients. It is present in people suffering from mental illnesses for two to six years.

It affects the brain :

Some people addicted to marijuana say that it makes the brain more sharp and creative. Whereas smoking for several weeks in a row can affect both your ability to learn and your ability to remember.

There is a risk of accident from this :

Drunken driving is not the only cause of the accident. The truth is that even after consuming marijuana, the likelihood of road accident is the same. Consuming marijuana increases the concentration of tetrahydrosannabinol in the blood, which affects your driving ability, causing the person to lose control and cause an accident.

Increases the risk of lung cancer :

Lung cancer is not only caused by the consumption of tobacco. Marijuana also contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzo (alpha) pyrene and phenol. Consumption of Weed in different ways On the lungs, three times more tar than tobacco and carbon dioxide five times more effect. This means that when marijuana is more dangerous than tobacco for diseases like cancer.

These are all side effects of marijuana, Consuming marijuana can cause you many health problems and many fatal diseases.