Symptoms of blood cancer…

Blood cancer is a dangerous disease. You know that our blood is made up of 2 types of cells, which are called Red Blood Cells and White Blood Cells. It is very important to have enough blood in our body because oxygen and other nutrients reach the body parts only through blood. Blood cancer begins with bone marrow because the blood is formed there. Blood cancer can be of several types. In the early stages, its symptoms are very common, which people often ignore. Let’s tell you the general symptoms of blood cancer.


Frequent infections, in symptoms of blood cancer

In case of blood cancer, the person is repeatedly infected. In fact, in the patient’s blood, some cells develop in the blood, which begin to harm healthy cells. Since blood is transmitted to every part of our body, hence its symptoms can also appear in any part of the body. Generally, the patient is exposed to skin infections (Red, black or brown color of the skin be happen, rashes or rash be happen), lung infection, infection of the throat and mouth, when the blood cancer. There may be several infections simultaneously.

When the injury the blood does not stop

Whenever there is injury or scratches in our body, bleeding itself stops in a short time. The reason for this is that the process of blood clotting begins when exposed to the external air. But this does not happen in patients with blood cancer. If a person does not stop bleeding after a person gets hurt, or it takes longer than normal to heal, then it can be a sign of blood cancer. In addition to injury there is sign of bleeding from the nose or gums, and excessive bleeding during periods are also indicated in it. So once you meet the doctor, get the test done.

Fatigue and lethargic all the time

Tiredness and lethargy are very common symptoms, which you can often see within yourself. But if due to fatigue, you have problems in everyday activities and if you remain idle all day then get tested once. It can also be an early symptoms of blood cancer.

Fast weight loss

If suddenly down on your weight, then check your weight first. If your weight of less than 2.5 kg goes without effort within a month, then it can be a sign of any problem in the body. Even when there is a blood cancer, the weight of the person starts decreasing without any reason.

Joints pain

We also consider the problem of pain in joints very common. There are usually several causes of pain in joints, including arthritis, fatigue, injury, bones weakness, etc. But due to blood cancer, you may experience pain in your joints and bones.

Loss of appetite and stomach disorders

Blood cancer also affects your digestion system badly. This is the reason why people become less prone to hunger on blood cancer. And many diseases of stomach like constipation, indigestion, blood in stool, blood in urine appear. If you see these symptoms, then try to find out the reason for your doctor.