Symptoms of liver cancer…


The liver cancer either starts in the liver or spreads through the other organs of the body in the liver. Know what liver cancer is, causes, symptoms and treatments.

Due to liver cancer, symptoms and treatment

Cancer is the most commonly found solid tumor in the liver, through the other parts, with more than one million cases being diagnosed every year. Know what liver cancer is, causes, symptoms and treatments.

What is liver cancer?

Liver cancer is also called hepatic cancers. There is a cancer that starts in the liver. When the cancer develops in the liver, it destroys the liver cells and interferes with the ability of the liver to function normally. There are two types of liver cancer. Primary lever cancer, which starts in the liver cells. Whereas, cancer that starts somewhere else and ultimately reaches the liver, it is called liver metastasis or secondary liver cancer.

Symptoms of liver cancer

Most people do not initially have symptoms of liver cancer. Because of which we do not understand. When it comes to know about it, it is very delayed.

> Weight loss
> Vomiting
> Jaundice
> Lack of appetite
> Fever
> Normal itching
> Hepatomegaly
> Enlarged spleen
> Stomach swelling
> Skin and yellowing of eyes
> Swelling in the legs

Causes of liver cancer

> Serious infection of hepatitis B or C
> Cirrhosis
> Diabetes
> Fatty liver
> Thickening
> Smoking or alcohol consumption

How to diagnose

To find out about liver cancer, you can find out CT or MRI scan, Liver biopsy or blood test, etc. can find out by doing.

Liver cancer treatment


Surgery is also done in liver cancer. The cancer liver is removed in it. If there is a small tumor in the liver, then it is done. But this can be a risk of more bleeding.

Liver transplant

In this transplant, doctors replace the cancer liver with a healthy liver. This is done then. When the cancer is not spread in any other organ.


These are given injection to eliminate cancer cells. The patient is unconscious, so that he does not realize the pain. It is beneficial for those whose surgery or liver is not transplanted.

Radiation therapy

In this, radiation with heart energy is used. By which cancer cells are destroyed. But its side effects are also high. Due to this there may be problem in the skin, vomiting problem.


Chemotherapy eliminates cancer cells. It is given through medicines. This liver is very effective in cancer, but due to its medicines, the patient has to face many problems including vomiting, loss of appetite or chills.