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Know about the effective loose motions medicines

There may be several reasons for having an infection in the stomach. Many times due to bad eating habits, there are many problems related to stomach due to lack of cleanliness. There are frequent symptoms such as loose motion, weakness, vomiting, and occasionally fever due to infections.

People often get indigestion during the rainy season. In fact, in the rain, moisture increases in the atmosphere, which increases the risk of bacterial growth.

Most diseases related to diarrhea and stomach are those people who eat outside, But can not be guaranteed, that those who eat at home, their stomach will always be OK.

If your stomach has worsened and you want to avoid taking medication or if the medication is not affecting you, then try these home remedies once in consultation with the doctor.

Effective loose motions medicines

1. Drink as much water as possible

There is a shortage of water in the body when the stomach is damaged. Try such a way that drink more and more water. You can also take fruit and vegetables juice. It would be better if salt was found in water. If you want you can take lemonade, salt-sugar solution or coconut water. Carrot juice is also very beneficial at such times.

2. Ginger will also benefit

The use of ginger in the upset stomach is quite effective. It contains antifungal and anti-bacterial elements, which provides relief in stomachache. Drink a spoonful of ginger powder, mix it with milk and get relief.

3. Curd is beneficial

Use of curd in stomach pain is very beneficial. Bacteria present in the curd play an important role in balancing. By which the stomach gets better quickly. Also keeps the stomach cold.

4. Eating banana will also be right

If you have been troubled by the frequent loose motion, then using banana will give you relief. Pectin contained in it works to bind the stomach. High amount of potassium contained in it is also beneficial for the body.

5. Can not ignore cumin

If you are having frequent diarrhea, chew a spoonful of cumin seeds. Generally, these spices found in all households are beneficial in diarrhea. By chewing cumin seeds and drinking water, diarrhea stops very quickly.