Benefits of curd…

According to Ayurveda Dr. Hari Krishna, curd is very beneficial for our health, but it has a definite time to eat. If you eat curd on the wrong weather or at the wrong time, then there may be many disadvantages. Benefits of curd, yogurt is considered good for stomach in the summer. But even in summer, consuming yogurt in the late night can make you sick. In addition, curd should not be eaten in winter and spring. Dr. Hari Krishna tells you when and how to do curd intake, so that there is no damage to the body.

Benefits of curd

Curd is very beneficial for the eyes. Eating daily yogurt makes the eyesight faster.

Eating curd is beneficial for the stomach. It is good to have curd in stomach problems such as acidity, gas, constipation, dysentery etc.

Yogurt is also beneficial in relieving mouth ulcers and stomach heat.

Curd strengthens the bones because it contains calcium.

Do not intake yogurt in the night

In Ayurveda, it is believed that the night increases cough, so it should not be consumed at night. It can cause cough, colds, joint pain and lung infection. Apart from this, it can also increase the inflammation of the body. Although curd is considered beneficial for the stomach, but if you fall asleep early after dinner, then it can not digest properly. It is therefore good that you do not consume yogurt in the night.

It is beneficial to eat yogurt during the day in summer

In the summer season, curd is very beneficial for the stomach, so at least 1 bowl (150 g) of curd should be eaten in lunch. Even in the evening you can eat curd, but keep in mind that you should consume it at least 3 hours before sleeping. Do not eat curd at night. Eating yogurt increases your digestive capacity and gives the body many essential nutrients. Also keep in mind that milk and yogurt do not eat together. If you want to eat both things, then keep at least 1 hour of difference.

How to eat yogurt, So that more benefits

You can eat yogurt in many ways. Most people mix eat sugar or salt in it. Dr. Hari Krishna explains that if you use black salt or rock salt instead of white in it during the eating curd, it will be very beneficial for you. In addition, adding black pepper powder in the curd helps eat the stomach fat. Black pepper is also very beneficial for stomach and digestion. Keep in mind that do not eat too much cold curd. Apart from this, Also, do not eat yogurt any time by heating.

When do not eat curd

Do not eat curd at night. Eating yogurt at night can make you sick.

Do not eat curd and milk or kheer together. Keep a difference of at least 1 hour in such foods.

Curd and should not be eaten when there is colds and fever. It can increase the disease.

Avoid eating yogurt with eggs and non-vegetarian food. Although buttermilk can be consumed.