Intermittent fasting…


Effective way to reduce weight, Intermittent fasting, Know how

People in India fast for religious reasons. Although intermittent fasting is now becoming the latest trends of dieting. Apart from losing weight it has many advantages.

Intermittent fasting does not have any special diets, but it has a special type of eating pattern. This pattern runs as a 16-hour break between eating and fasting. You can adopt it several times a week.

Ratnaraje believes that this increases your energy and also keeps control on the brain. She tells that she did not wake up thinking about breakfast in the morning, instead she started thinking about other things. She drank plenty of water to balance the fast and also took sugar-free lemonade.

Dieticians say that in order to avoid hunger people can take black coffee, green tea, cumin water, lemon water and fruit extracts in hot water.

Fasting is healing

Nutritionist Mihira says that fasting has always been like healing. They believe that it should not be done only to lose weight, but to eliminate those cells that are not working well and to regenerate the good cells. It also increases your immunity and weight loss is extra benefit.

Mihira recommend for new people to start from 12 to 16 hours for two days, in which 5 days normal food is eaten. Together your lifestyle should also be healthy. If you smoke and alcoholic then do not make any difference.

Holistic Healing Coach Luke explains that this is the most natural way of eating food. From this, there is a complete shutdown of the digestive system. This is beneficial because 80 percent of our body takes energy digestive system. During fasting the insulin level goes down and fat cells release their own stored sugar energy to give.

How to intermittent fasting

The easiest way to do this is that you do not eat anything after dinner and skip breakfast. Suppose you diner at 8 pm and do not eat anything until 12 o’clock the next day. Accordingly, you fast for 16 hours.

Note: Fasting by keeping your health condition in mind. Get better consultation with specialist or dietitian.