How to increase the size of breast naturally…


Let us tell you how to increase the size of breast naturally…

Breast is considered to be the most beautiful and attractive part of a woman’s body. It not only works to add beauty to the woman but also gives her a very sexy look, but it has been seen that many girls have complaints about the size of their breast. She is also very worried about the low size of her breast. The small size of the breast or the lack of proper breast development are common complaints of women. Explain that estrogen is said to be responsible for this. It remains a matter of grave concern among women even today.

But today we have brought this article in view of your concern. In which today we will tell you about some measures by which you can get big and curvy breast in a natural way.

So now read this and know about the how to increase the size of breast naturally

5 tips to make the breast bigger which never failed

We are sure that you will be aware that any change or doing in the body is not possible in one night. It is not a miracle that you get what you want at night. To get a big breast, first of all you need to be very patient. At the same time, these tips will also help to make your breast look bigger. Also, your breast size will also increase naturally. Learn how our tips can help you. From which you will get a perfect breast size and their shapely shape !!

So, let’s talk about what is going on now, about the easy tips to increase breast size quickly. Those whom you will try with confidence, believe me, you will definitely get the benefit.

Bra that makes the breast bigger – Yes, you must have heard about this bra too. This is the best and easiest way to make the breast bigger. We don’t think you need to explain more about this now?

Show necklines – Necklines have a very important role in making the breast bigger. In such a situation, wear a wide neck top. That is, wear such a neck in which there is lacy, pleated, inlaid or stiff. You can also use jewelery. This is enough to distract someone from your breast.

Make the neck look shorter – High necklines suits are enough to make your neck look shorter. By which you can understand well that the necklines of low necklines easily prove that you are trying to hide something.

Bold colors and patterns – You should wear bold and bright colors and print tops. Which should hide the low size of your breast. These are also enough to divert attention. After wearing them, no one will notice your breast size.

Support of make-up – Of course your breast size is reduced, but if you want to show your cleavage in clothes, then you can also take the help of make-up for it. Know that using a deep shade of foundation can make your breast look bulging. This is also a very good idea that can help you a lot.

Avoid making these dangerous mistakes –

Of course, women should not reveal that they have a difference in breast size, but sometimes they are so suffocated as to why their breasts are small. She cries after seeing the size of her breast. At the same time, for this, when you use the bandages to make the breast look big, then you know that it is a blunder. Do not make such a mistake again because the real beauty of the woman is seen only in her real breast. So never be ashamed of the low size of your breast.

Admittedly you are worried about the low size of your breast, but today we are telling you how you can make your breast size bigger.

We are also going to share some more things with you. So far, we have told you how you can make your breast look embossed and bigger by creating confusion. Believe you believe that these tips given by us will definitely help you. On the other hand, the tips that we will tell you now, You will also get breast size according to your mind. Now we are going to tell you about the suggestions given by some experts. With which you will get naturally shapely and big breasts.

Important note –

First of all, let us warn you that what you are going to tell you now, do not expect to get the result soon. For this, you may have to wait for about 20-30 days.

Home-tested ways to naturally increase breast size –

Now we are going to tell you about this plan which helps to increase the size of breast naturally in this section. Which includes diet, exercise and many other ways. Let’s tell you…

Ways to naturally increase breast size at home- Diet:

1. Milk –

Know about milk, milk products, butter, all of these are very helpful in increasing breast size. Milk contains high amount of fat which works to make fat in breast tissue. Also, taking a fatty diet also increases the size of the breast.

Side effects – If you do this, then your body may become slightly heavier. Your weight may also increase, but if you have any kind of allergy to milk, you should first consult your doctor before taking it. At the same time, you should consume it only after getting treatment for allergy.

Good thing – milk is good for health. We don’t think you need to tell us anything other than this now.

2. Soy Milk and Soya Beans –

Soy milk is a good source of protein. We are all well aware of this. While it increases isoflavones, estrogen on the other hand, which actually helps to increase the size of the breast, increases it. Know that soy milk is obtained from soy beans. In addition, soy beans also work to increase the level of estrogen in the same way that the body is able to conjure it up.

Side effects – Know that it can affect your menstrual cycle. It is also associated with breast cancer. Therefore, it should be avoided in large quantities.

Good thing – It is much more effective for getting bigger breasts. If you say it directly, this risk of getting a big breast becomes solve to a great extent.

3. Papaya

You may not believe it, but it is true that papaya is also very helpful in increasing the size of the breast. On the other hand, if papaya is taken with milk, it can be a boon to increase the size of your breast.

Side effects – Keep in mind that pregnant women should not consume it at all. Also, it should not be eaten in large quantities. Excessive consumption can cause diarrhea.

Good thing – it becomes available to you quite easily. That’s the best part of it. Also, there is no harm from it.

4. Saw Palmetto –

It is a herb that helps a lot in regulating the hormones of women and men. It also has all the properties that increase the size of the breast.

Side effects – Taking overdose is very harmful.

Good thing – It will be available to you quite easily, but a doctor should be consulted before taking its dose.

Ways to Increase Breast Size Naturally at Home- Herbal

Let us know how wonderful herbs and spices also help in increasing the size of the breast.

1. Fenugreek seeds for big breast

We are sure that you must have heard about this many times before. In fenugreek, know that there is a significant amount of phyto, which increases the hormones estrogen, diosgenin and prolactin that increase the size of the breast.

• Eating seeds is sufficient. Well it is really very effective.

• If you wish, you can also massage your breasts by making a paste of its seeds.

• Apart from using this remedy, you can also massage your breast with base oil ie mustard oil. At the same time, massaging with fenugreek seeds oil is also a very good option.

• Sprouted fenugreek seeds can also help a lot in breast growth. It contains a lot of diosgenin which works to increase the size of the breast in a natural way.

• If you wish, you can also take fenugreek as a supplement, but for this you must consult your doctor first.

Side effects – Taking an overdose can cause side effects like diarrhea and stomach upset.

Good thing – Its side effects and disadvantages are much less than the side effects caused by artificial methods.

Precautions – Pregnant women should not use fenugreek, because consuming it causes premature contractions.

2. Fennel seeds for breast augmentation –

• Chewing fennel is also very beneficial.

• You can use it as a powder and include it in your food.

• At the same time, you can also use the oil of its seeds well for massage.

• It can also be used as a supplement.

Side Effects – Consuming it in high amounts can disrupt the nervous system. Therefore, it should always be consumed in the limit.

Good things – it becomes available very easily. It is like an herb. Which has very few side effects.

3. Flaxseed seed to increase breast

It is a fairly common herb used in the North East. Which is called the seed of flaxseed. It contains a very high amount of phytoestrogen which works well to increase breast size ie breast size in a natural way.

• It tastes like nut. Which you can also chew and eat.

• These flax seeds are much better than other things.

• You can add flour to it and make it a paste and include it in your food.

• While you can use its oil for massage, on the other hand you can also include it in your diet as a salad topping or as a spice.

Side effects – pregnant and nursing mothers should not use it. Consumption of this can cause allergies, indigestion, blood related infections etc.

Good thing – It contains flavanoids, omega 3, 6 fatty acids. It also contains legons which act like estrogen. Also, its intake also helps a lot in breast or uterine cancer.

You will not think that we are giving you a lot of information about this. We are just telling you ways to increase the size of the breast in a natural way. Now we will tell you about the tips to increase the size of the breast with yoga and other exercises.

Ways to increase breast size naturally at home- Yoga

Yoga is the easiest and simplest way to increase any of your cup sizes A, B, C and D. With this help, you can help a lot in raising your breast. So let’s know about this ..

1. Bhujangasana or Cobra pose –

Bhujang, which is called cobra in English, and since it makes a snake-like posher with a funky appearance, it is named Bhujangasana. You must have read about this posture in many blogs and websites. So you do not need to tell how it works in breast augmentation, but still you know that it is very much helpful in increasing the size of the breast. So let’s know the method of doing this.

How to do – Lie on the ground on the stomach for this. Now, with both hands, lift the upper part of the body from the waist upwards, but your elbow should be bent. The palm should be open and spread on the ground. Now move the face upwards without moving the rest of the body. Keep this poseure for some time. You just have to do this 10-15 times.

2. Binocular or double angle posture –

This is called double angle pose. This is a little difficult posture from Bhujangasana, but by practicing it you will soon learn it. This posture is also very popular for increasing the size of the breast.

How to do it – To do this, stand with your feet together. Now join your hands behind your waist. After that, while bending your waist, pull your hands outward. Take care not to bend your knees and your face is close to your knees. Also have your hands stretched. Stay in this state for a while, then come back to normal. Repeat this posture at least 6 times.

3. Ustrasana or Camel pose –

Ustrasana means that while doing such a posture, your body becomes like a camel. Hence this posture is called ustrasana. It is also called Camel pose posture. Which helps in reducing fat on the thighs and increasing breast size.

How to do it : To do this, you should stand on your knees and try to touch the ankle of your straight leg with your straight hand and the reverse leg with the opposite hand while slowly bending backwards. You should remain in this state for at least 8 to 10 minutes. You have to repeat this action 10 times.

Apart from this, know that “Gomukhasana”, which has to do more work on the upper part of your body. At the same time, “Stabdhasana” works to increase the size of the breast and develop the pectoral muscles. Also, yoga asanas are also very important for good health.

Ways to naturally increase breast size at home – Exercise

Exercise is the easiest way to increase breast size. While doing this improves the beauty of the body, on the other hand, by exercising, there is development in the mammary glands. Today we are going to tell you about the exercise that increases the breast size. Believe that the exercises we are going to tell you today will definitely be helpful for you.

1. Push ups

To do push ups, lie down on the ground on your stomach, then keep your body weight on your hands and knees. For this, you have to lift your body on the strength of the palm, making sure that both your hands are under the shoulders. Keep the waist straight, then bend your elbows and bring the chest closer to the floor. Then return to the previous position. Repeat this process again and again, this process is called push up.

2. Wall-mounted push-ups –

This is also similar to push ups. All you have to do is stand upright on the wall. Then at the same time, you have to join your hands with your shoulders against the wall. In this, you keep your feet very stable. Then stretch while stretching over your entire body. Also keep your hands very straight. Know that you have to do this 10 to 15 times daily.

3. Free weight –

You might not know about it, but we hope you know well about dumbbells. For this, you just have to take 3 to 5 pounds of weight according to the weight. Then lifting it with your feet, holding it up to the shoulder in both your hands, holding it up. Then slowly straighten your hands and reduce the emphasis on arms. You have to do this at least 10 to 15 times daily.

4. Bench press –

The most effective exercise to increase the breast size is known as bench press. It works to make the muscles of the breast very strong. To press the bench, lie down on the bench and hold the barbell with both hands. Now lift it 12 to 15 times and bring it down. By this, the muscles of the breasts and the place around it will become strong and the breast size also increases.

Know that these exercises not only keep you toned, but also develop a confidence in you.

Ways to naturally increase breast size at home – supplements

Supplements and pills are very helpful in increasing the breast size. Natural materials are present inside it. For this, we will only tell you that it is a cheap and easy means of increasing breast size.

Side Effects – According to the report there are no side effects. On the other hand, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, then you should get it checked immediately.

Good thing – it is a cheap and easy way to increase breast size.

Ways to naturally increase breast size at home- Massage

We know that cup size can be increased by resorting to breast-enhancing pills, but know that this is not a very effective and safe method. For this, you can also take recourse to massage. Know that women who want to increase the size of their breast, they should massage for 30 minutes daily on the breasts. This is the easiest and beneficial way to increase the breast. In this way, a woman’s breasts become as large as the size of a cup in a month. Also, it increases the blood flow in the breasts, due to which the breast hormone named Prolactin starts increasing and it increases the size of the breasts. For this, you can also use cream, lotion and oil.

Oil for use –

• Flaxseed / Flaxid Oil
• fennel oil
• Olive oil
• Creams and lotions for breast augmentation, they are very cheap and effective. These are mostly made of natural materials.

How to massage breasts?

For this, apply oil or cream on the palms of your hands. Then in the beginning, you gently rub your palms on the breasts. This provides warmth and energy to your breasts. Now massage your breasts in a circular manner with both your hands. Gently press your breasts inward. In this way you massage your breasts for at least 15 minutes. Keep in mind that you massage both breasts equally. For this, you can also resort to counting. Massaging in this way makes your breasts look attractive within 1 month.

Side effects – Keep in mind that breasts are quite sensitive. So never rub them vigorously.

Good thing – it is very best for couple. With massage in it, you can also feel a pleasant feeling. On the other hand, single women should not be disturbed. He should do this work on his own.

How effective are these things in increasing the breast size and how much is not

Of all the things that we have told you today, we hope that your breast size will increase by one cup size, but for this you will need to be patient. On the other hand, if you cannot have so much time and patience, then surgery is the best option for you, but keep in mind that there are chances of having many complications in it.

Now we are going to tell you how much breast control pills and best feeding increase breast size!

Breast feeding increases breast size – right or wrong?

Yes, it is very true. Feeding the baby, ie breast feed, increases the size of the breast. Know that milk is produced inside the breast by breast feed. Due to which the size of the breast increases considerably, but when the women stop feeding the baby, then the breasts shrink.

Birth control pills increase breast size – right or wrong?

Yes, it is true in many cases that intake of contraceptive pills increases the size of the breast, because these pills have a significant amount of estrogen-enhancing properties that increase the size of the breast. Promote hormones, but know that it is very important to take precautions in this case. When you stop taking these pills, the breasts also shrink a lot, which look more ugly.

Important advice –

It is not a bad thing to want to increase breast size, but don’t stop loving your breasts just because they are not attractive. Do not feel ashamed and start focusing on them. Believe that you are perfect and love yourself as you are.