How to increase breast size…


If the breast is not properly developed then the size of the breasts remains small, To get beautiful big and shapely breast, some girls adopt medicine, creams, oil, yoga, exercise, and many other methods.

Let us tell you how to increase breast size

Apart from this, you can also make some prescriptions and remedies at home to remove the looseness of breasts and increase the size of the breast, Let’s know how to increase breast size.

If the size of the breast is small, or if it is too large, or if the breast is loose. So not look good on them any dress. You can do all these remedy to increase the breast size.

To increase breast size many types of cream in the market and oil for massage are available but they are expensive, but still not very effective after this.

To increase the breast, yoga and exercise done in a right way and regularly it also gives a lot of benefit.

Some women use the tablet to increase the size of the breast. Before taking any medicines of any kind, consult a doctor once.

Taking home remedies also helps to tighten loose breasts and increase the size of the breasts.

So now read this and know about the how to increase breast size

Home remedies to increase breast size

1. Taking papaya with milk helps in the growth of the breasts. Before taking this measure, keep in mind due to excessive consumption of it diarrhea may also occur. Pregnant woman should not eat it.

2. Eating fennel also helps in boosting the small breast. Fennel can eat like chewing gum or by making powder it can be used in the food.

3. Linseed seeds are also effective in maximizing breast size. The seeds of linseed can also be eaten by chewing or adding it to the salad. Avoid consuming it during pregnancy.

4. The best way to make small breast big is to use soya product. Consumption of soya milk and soya beans benefits greatly in boosting estrogen in the body. Soya bean and soya Milk are also added to breast cancer, so avoid the excessive use of it and take advice of the doctor once before using it.

5. Foods made from milk and milk are high in fat; their intake increases in fat in the breast. Apart from this, in your diet, eat more foods that are high in fat. From this, your body weight can also increase, hence also yoga and exercise. If you have any kind of allergy from milk, then treat it first.

6. Fenugreek seeds are also useful in how to increase the breast. Eat fenugreek seeds, or make paste of it, it can massage the breast. Pregnant women should not use fenugreek.

7. Oil from fenugreek seeds massage of breasts also benefits.

Massage to increase breast size

1. Girls and women who want to increase the size of their breasts and make loose breasts beautiful and shapely, they should perform breast massage for 20 to 30 minutes daily. The most effective way to increase breast size is to massage them.

2. By doing massage you will see the difference in the first month. From breast massage, blood flow is better in breasts, resulting in the development of breast hormones.

3. You can use any linseed, mustard and olive oil in the oil to enhance the breast. You can also use the cream for massage. Keep in mind that oil massage with light hands.

Yoga to increase breast size

Yoga is also a good and easy way to make small breasts bigger, doing Yogas written below gives benefits. These posture have must learned the right way to do it before doing it. You can also learn by watching Baba Ramdev’s video at home.

1. Bhujangasana
2. Gomukhasana
3. Ustrasana

Exercise for breast enhancement

Exercise also helps in the development of breasts. Exercise breast in a gym with the help of a trainer.

Push up with the support of the ground and the wall and doing Bench Press Exercise it also increases the breast.

Breast size tips to show big

1. In the market, there is a bra showing bigger breasts. Using this bra can show breasts bigger.

2. By wearing colorful and printed tops can hide small breasts.

3. The help of make-up can also be taken to show the breast emerge. For this, consult a beauty expert.

4. Some women take medicine to increase breast size, but this method is neither safe nor effective. Some tablets may also cause damage.