How to Remove Stretch Marks..

How to Remove Stretch Marks

Let us tell you How to remove stretch marks…

Do you think ten times before wearing a crop top? Are you more alert about your waist and abdomen after wearing a saree? Are these stretch marks causing embarrassment? If so, this article may help the readers. Stretch marks take away the freedom to wear special and different clothes. Instead of being troubled by them, the home remedy of removing the stretch marks mentioned in this article of My Health Only can be adopted. Here we will tell you how to remove stretch marks as well as stretch marks treatment and some famous stretch marks removal cream. Before proceeding in the article, Readers know that the suggested home remedies may be alternatively helpful in the treatment of stretch marks. They should not be considered a cure for this problem.

Let us first know the causes of stretch marks. After this, we will also explain the steps, How to remove stretch marks.

Causes of stretch marks

Following are some of the stretch marks.

  • Growing old
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Excess use of Cortisone Skin Creams. It is a type of steroid-containing cream, which is used for itching and swelling.
  • Youth and adolescence (Puberty)
  • Abnormal buildup of collagen

Some diseases and medications can also cause stretch marks, which are as follows:

  • Medicines that prevent collagen from forming.
  • Cushing’s syndrome means high levels of cortisol hormone.
  • Marfan syndrome, meaning connecting tissue genetic disorder.
  • Chronic liver problem
  • Anorexia Nervosa. Food-eating psychologist and eating disorder.
  • Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Disorder in which the skin becomes more stretched and the skin peels easily.
  • Fever
  • Chemotherapy
  • Contraceptive and neuroleptic medicine

Let us now know where the stretch marks can be. After this, we will also show how to remove stretch marks.

Where can be stretch marks?

In general, stretch marks can affect the body parts described below.

  • Stomach
  • Hip
  • Thigh
  • Breast
  • Backside
  • Armpit
  • Waist

Now we are suggesting home remedies to remove stretch marks. After explaining how to remove the stretch marks, we will also give other important information.

Home remedy for stretch marks removal

Below we are giving information about the home remedy for stretch marks removal. Before using these remedies to remove stretch marks, know that these home remedies are not treatment for stretch marks. These tips can help to get relief from this problem to some extent.

Let’s Know How to Remove Stretch Marks –

1. Aloe vera


  • Fresh aloe vera gel
  • 10 Vitamin-E capsules

Method of use:

  • Take out the aloevera gel from a fresh leaf in a bowl.
  • Now add gel of Vitamin-E capsules to it.
  • Then gently massage the skin affected by the stretch mark with hands.
  • After massaging, wash the skin with lukewarm water after about 15 minutes.
  • This can be repeated once or twice a day.
  • Alternatively, aloevera gel can be applied directly to the affected area.

How beneficial:

Aloe vera may also be included in the home remedy to remove stretch marks. A study at the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that aloe vera-containing creams have been shown to be beneficial in reducing stretch marks and the itching caused. At the same time, direct use of aloe vera gel can also help reduce stretch marks. Actually, aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties, which can relieve itching. Also, the healing properties present in it work to increase the collagen. Stretch marks treatment increases collagen. At the same time, Vitamin-E can help reduce stretch marks by moisturizing the skin. For this reason, aloe vera is believed to help in improving stretch marks.

2. Castor oil:


Castor oil (as required)

Method of use:

  • Make castor oil lukewarm.
  • Then massage gently on the stretch marks.
  • Apply castor oil every night before bed.

How beneficial:

Castor oil massage has also been considered beneficial in reducing the stretch mark. It also moisturizes the skin. By using it regularly, the stretch mark can be reduced to some extent. Castor oil can be used twice daily for better results.

3. Vicks Vaporub


  • Vicks Vaporub
  • Cling Wrap

Method of use:

  • At night, apply vicks vaporub to the stretch marks and massage for a minute or two.
  • Cover with a cling wrap and leave overnight.
  • This can be repeated every night.

How beneficial:

Vicks Vaporub contains certain essential oils. It also contains petroleum jelly. All these help to moisturize and soften the skin. Probably for this reason, it is believed that it can help to fix stretch marks. However, no research is available on this. However, many women also use it based on experience.

4. Bio Oil:


  • Few drops of bio oil

Method of use:

  • Take a few drops of bio oil in your hands.
  • Now massage on the stretch marks with light hands.
  • Do this for about 10 minutes.
  • This process can be repeated twice daily.

How beneficial:

Most people use bio oil to fix the stretch mark. According to a research on its effect, it can lighten the stretch marks to some extent. In a research on the NCBI website, using it for 8 weeks saw some improvement in the stretch marks. This improvement has been seen in 50 percent of the people. Then another test was also done on this. The second test also found an improvement in the stretch mark in different parts of the body.

5. Almond Oil:


  • A few drops of almond oil

Method of use:

  • Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the almond oil.
  • Then heat it for a few seconds and massage it with light hands on the stretch marks.
  • Repeat this twice daily throughout the day.

How beneficial:

Almond oil can be used to reduce stretch marks. It can give relief to the itching in the skin by reducing the scar on the skin along with moisturizing the dry skin. Actually, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which may help to relieve itching to some extent. A research by the US National Library of Medicine found that a 15-minute massage with almond oil during pregnancy can prevent the stretch mark (Striae Gravidarum) from growing. However, this effect was not found in the use of Bitter Almond Oil. Probably for this reason, Sweet almond oil is used in the products that improve the stretch marks available in many markets. Bitter almond oil has also been considered effective in reducing the stretch mark in other research conducted on almond oil.

6. Lemon


  • One to two teaspoons fresh lemon juice

Method of use:

  • Apply fresh lemon juice on stretch marks.
  • Leave it on for 10 minutes, then wash it with lukewarm water and apply moisturizer.
  • Apply it once or twice daily.

How beneficial:

The use of lemon juice is one of the easiest ways to reduce stretch marks. It contains Vitamin C, which can work to reduce stretch marks. Actually, vitamin-C helps to increase the production of collagen. Increasing the production of collagen helps in recovering stretch marks. For this reason, lemon is also used as a remedy to remove stretch marks.

7. Vitamin-E Oil


  • One to two teaspoons of vitamin-E oil

Method of use:

  • Apply vitamin-E oil directly to the stretch marks.
  • If there is no oil, vitamin-E capsules can also be used.
  • Leave it on for 10 minutes, then wash it with lukewarm water and apply moisturizer.
  • Apply it once or twice daily.

How beneficial:

Vitamin-E oil, capsules and cream are also considered very beneficial in removing stretch marks. According to research, many vitamins-E creams have been found to be better at reducing stretch marks, preventing spread, and protecting. Along with this, moisturizer is also necessary to reduce the stretch marks to some extent. Vitamin-E works as a moisturizing agent in the body. It also improves the elasticity of the skin and promotes the production of collagen. For this reason, vitamin-E oil is supposed to be included in the removal of stretch marks.

8. Coconut Oil:


  • A spoonful of coconut oil

Method of use:

  • Apply coconut oil on stretch marks.
  • Apply it and massage for about 10 minutes.
  • Then wash with lukewarm water and apply moisturizer.
  • It can be applied once or twice daily.

How beneficial:

The use of coconut oil is also considered a way to remove stretch marks. Coconut oil has long been used to reduce the stretch mark. Many people used it to help reduce stretch marks. At the moment, no clear research exists regarding this. However, a research has reported that the use of coconut oil works to increase the production of fibroblasts and skin collagen. Increasing fibroblasts and collagen can help to remove stretch marks.

9. Sugar Scrub


  • A quarter sugar
  • Few drops of coconut or almond oil for moisture
  • A few drops of lemon

Method of use:

  • Add almond oil or coconut oil to one-fourth sugar.
  • Now add a few drops of lemon juice to it.
  • Wherever the body has stretch marks, scrub it there.
  • Scrub with light hands for about five to seven minutes.
  • Sugar can also be scrubbed while taking a bath, which will make it easier to scrub all the affected parts of the body.
  • This can be done about two to three times a week.

How beneficial:

It is believed that scrubbing can also reduce stretch marks. Although no scientific evidence exists about this, it is used quite a lot. Almonds and coconut oil added to the scrub can definitely help reduce stretch marks. We have given the above information in this regard.

10. Shea Butter


  • Shia Butter

Method of use:

  • Massage the stretch marks with Shea Butter and leave it on.
  • Massage once or twice every day.

How beneficial:

Shea butter is also used as a home remedy to remove stretch marks. It is also used as a material in many stretch marks treatment creams present in the market. Products containing Shea Butter have been found to be helpful in increasing skin elasticity. The smoothness present in it also serves to moisturize the skin. On the same basis, it can be said that the use of Shea Butter can reduce the stretch marks to some extent. However, there is no concrete scientific evidence of how effective it is on stretch marks.

11. Baby Oil


  • Few drops of baby oil

Method of use:

  • Dry your skin after taking a bath with lukewarm water.
  • Then massage the stretch marks with baby oil.
  • Massage for 5 to 10 minutes with light hands, so that the skin absorbs the oil completely.
  • It can be applied once or twice daily.

How beneficial:

Baby oil is used by not only children but often older ones as well. Many people also use it to lighten stretch marks. Baby oil gives skin moisture. It also keeps the skin soft. Skin moisture retention is considered a step in the stretch marks treatment. Probably for this reason it is also used in creams for stretch marks. However, how effective it may be as a measure to remove stretch marks is not clear.

12. Jojoba Oil


  • Pure jojoba oil

Method of use:

  • Apply a few drops of jojoba oil to your stretch marks and massage for a few minutes.
  • Keep this oil in place.
  • This oil can be applied two to three times daily.

How beneficial:

Jojoba oil is considered as the best moisturizer. It is also used as a remedy to remove stretch marks, It has also been mentioned in a research done in Egypt, It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which are considered essential for stretch marks treatment. It also has healing properties, which can help reduce scars. For this reason, jojoba oil is counted as a measure to remove stretch marks. Its use can prevent stretch marks from growing.

13. Argan Oil


  • Organic argan oil

Method of use:

  • Apply this oil on stretch marks and massage for one minute.
  • This oil is easily absorbed into the skin, so there is no need to wipe or wash it.
  • Apply it twice daily to get rid of stretch marks.

How beneficial:

Argan oil is extensively used in cosmetics products. According to a study on the NCBI website, argon oil contains vitamin-E, which acts as an antioxidant. It promotes the production of fibroblasts and collagen while maintaining skin elasticity. How to remove stretch marks, if this question comes to mind, then argan oil may be the right answer. If this oil is used at the beginning of stretch marks, its good effect can be seen on the stretch marks. It is also used with many stretch marks treatment creams.

14. Rosehip Oil


  • Few drops of rose oil

Method of use:

  • Massage for a while by applying rosehip oil on stretch marks.
  • Leave the oil on the skin.

How beneficial:

Rosehip oil is also used as a remedy to remove stretch marks. Many companies also use Rosehip oil in stretch mark treatment cream. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which act to repair the skin. It is recommended to use it to reduce stretch marks in pregnancy. However, many reports also say that it is used on stretch marks, but there is no scientific research to support this.

15. Rose water


  • Rose water (as required)
  • Some water

Method of use:

  • First wash the area affected by stretch marks and dry them with towels.
  • Add rose water to water.
  • Then apply it with the help of cotton and leave it for overnight before going to sleep.
  • Use it everyday until you see no effect.
  • Apart from this, daily essential oil can also be applied on the advice of a doctor.

How beneficial:

Roses are also known to overcome stretch marks. However, no clear research exists on rose water, which suggests that rose water can help overcome stretch marks.

16. Potatoes

Material :

  • Half grated potato
  • Half potato juice

Method of use:

  • Prepare a mixture of both ingredients.
  • Then apply this mixture on the stretch marks.
  • Let it dry and then wash it with cold water.

How beneficial:

Potatoes can be beneficial not only in food, but also for the skin. Potatoes have bleaching properties, which enhance skin tone. In such a situation, it can be beneficial for stretch marks, but no scientific evidence exists yet.

Next we are talking about olive oil for stretch marks.

Is it beneficial to apply olive oil in stretch marks? –

Many people recommend using olive oil for stretch marks. Many articles and advertisements also claim this. Talking about scientific evidence, most research does not support this. It has been said in many studies that olive oil is not beneficial in stretch marks. Instead, almond oil has been considered beneficial for stretch marks.

At the same time, another research has said that there is no clear result on whether the stretch marks are lightened by applying olive oil. During research, there are conflicting results. In three studies conducted during research, it was not found to be beneficial, while one study has also described it as beneficial. However, at the end of the research, it has been made clear that a better alternative to stretch marks than olive oil is to massage with almond oil.

Let us know further some exercises that can prevent stretch marks.

Exercises to get rid of stretch marks –

Exercise may also be included in the removal of stretch marks. Light-weight exercises or yoga can be resorted to. In addition, walking, running, weight training and squats can also be included. In the absence of less information and experience, do not be complicated or incorrect exercises. It will be better if exercised only under the supervision and advice of a specialist. There is no concrete scientific evidence yet on how effective yoga or exercise would be on stretch marks.

Now we know how to remove stretch marks during pregnancy.

How to remove stretch marks after pregnancy –

Stretch marks are very common after pregnancy. Many methods are adopted by women to protect it. However, to avoid it or to prevent it from spreading, it is necessary to take precaution during pregnancy. Massage can be used to reduce stretch marks after pregnancy. The oil used for massage can be seen by women in the Stretch Mark home remedy above.

Further in the article, we are talking about other ways of removing stretch marks.

Other Remedies for Stretch Marks Removal –

1. Hyaluronic Acid – Hyaluronic acid is also used to remove stretch marks. Its anti-inflammatory properties and hydrating effects can help to lighten the itching and scars in the stretch marks. This acid is believed to increase fibroblast activity and increase the production of collagen. Its stated activities and properties are considered helpful in relieving the symptoms of stretch marks. Perhaps this is why hyaluronic acid is used in many anti-stretch mark creams. Apply to stretch marks in the affected areas every night before sleeping at night.

2. Glycolic Acid – Glycolic acid is readily available in medical stores. It increases the collagen in the skin. As we have already mentioned above, the increase of collagen can help in stretch marks treatment. Use it only in consultation with a doctor. It is advisable not to leave in the sun after using it.

3. Laser Therapy – Some people have significantly higher stretch marks. Because of this, their everyday life begins to be affected. Such people can seek the help of laser therapy. One study has reported that with the help of laser treatment, stretch marks are significantly reduced. For this it is necessary to contact a good specialist.

4. Microneedling – In addition to laser therapy, microneedling is also considered a better option for reducing stretch marks. Stretch marks are treated with the help of a needle. By doing this process, collagen is produced and the skin tissue becomes smooth and tight. According to a study on the NCBI website, when microneedling was used on Korean women to reduce stretch marks, it was found to be more effective than other treatments.

Next, we will know whether stretch marks can be completely cured.

How to Remove Stretch Marks

Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks completely?

It is a little difficult to say whether it is possible to get rid of stretch marks completely. The complete disappearance of stretch marks depends on the current situation. If the stretch marks are old, it may take time to go. At the same time, if these scars have just started emerging, then they can be cured with the help of the prescribed home remedies or medical help. However, whether or not these will be completely cured, only the doctor can tell you correctly. For this reason, a specialist must be contacted to treat stretch marks once.

Learn more about how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy or at other times.

Ways to avoid stretch marks –

If you talk about avoiding stretch marks after pregnancy, then you should start taking care of it during pregnancy itself. At the same time, along with pregnancy, there are many other reasons, which cause stretch marks. The following measures can be adopted to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy or other times.

Drink plenty of water – Drink plenty of water and juice and keep yourself hydrated. If the body remains hydrated, then skin problems will be relieved and skin will be healthy.

Food and drinks – Take care of your diet as well. Eat nutrient-rich foods, as well as fruits and vegetables that have high water content.In such a situation, if one drink less water, the water will be fulfilled easily. Along with this, take more foods that contain vitamin C and E.

Moisturizer – Use a good cream, moisturizer or body lotion regularly. Also, massage the skin with essential oil.

Keep the weight balanced – Stretch marks can also occur due to weight gain, so do exercises and yoga, so that the weight is controlled and there are no stretch marks on the skin.

Next, we are giving information related to cream for stretch marks.

Best Stretch Mark Cream –

Stretch marks removal creams are also available in the market. For many people, these creams also help to remove some stretch marks. These creams are used a lot due to the lack of stretch marks medicine. For this reason, we are telling about the cream for such stretch marks below, which people use more.

1. Blue Nectar Stretch Marks & Scars Body Lotion Cream

Stretch mark removal cream

This cream is also very popular for reducing stretch marks. The reviews of this cream are very good. The company claims that it is made from natural substances and no harmful chemicals have been used while making it.

2. Mom & World Belly Body Butter

Stretch mark removal cream

This cream is also very popular among people. The company claims that this cream is safe even during pregnancy. According to the company, it helps to maintain elasticity by moisturizing the stretching skin.

3. WOW Stretch Marks and Scar Lightening Oil Cream

Stretch mark removal cream

It is believed that daily use of this cream can reduce stretch marks. It has also got four stars online and its reviews are also better than other creams.

You have already learned the steps to remove stretch marks in the article. Hopefully you will have found the answer to how to remove stretch marks. Just keep in mind that treating the exact stretch marks is the only way to avoid this and change the routine. In order to avoid stretch marks in pregnancy, rescue efforts should be made from the beginning of pregnancy. Also, you can adopt domestic measures to reduce the stretch marks mentioned in the article. To protect yourself from stretch marks, also follow the tips mentioned in the article.