Know also about belly growth in pregnancy…

Pregnancy every woman has a very pleasant time. In this way your stomach increases along with your baby. Read this article and find some interesting facts about belly growth in pregnancy.

Some myths associated with belly growth in pregnancy

Do you know everything about pregnancy, maybe not During 40 weeks of pregnancy, there are many things that are important for you to know. Through this article we are telling you some similar things about belly growth in pregnancy. Every woman should know about these things.

The time of pregnancy is that every woman has a very pleasant time. This is the time when it needs love and care. After getting pregnant, your belly increases with the development of the baby. Tiredness and dizziness are normal during this period. There is also trouble in working with increased stomach. When the child is inside the stomach and when he kicks you get pleasure. This time is very memorable for many women.

It is said that the child’s gender can be traced by looking at the womb. Although there is no scientific basis for this matter. You must have heard from your grandmother or mother that if the belly is tilted downwards then the boy will be, if upwards then the girl will be there. The size of women’s womb grows on the basis of the structure of their stomach and muscles.

The gender of the child can only be known by investigation, which is legally wrong. Baby’s sex is not know by the size of the stomach. The size of the stomach increases according to the weight of the child. From heartbeat of the child does not any mean child sex. Heartbeats of hearts of all normal children are equal. At the same time due to good care and physical changes in the pregnancy, face color and tone changes. Sometimes the size of the stomach can change due to the twins or the condition of the child in the womb.

Some other facts related to stomach

During pregnancy, the woman has to face many types of problems such as vomiting, backache, headache, dizziness and changes in the size of the breasts etc. During this time there is trouble due to swelling of the woman’s body and stomach. Swelling is more frequent when the delivery time is approaching. It is important to rest when this happens. In the first quarter make a habit of sleeping on the left side. Doing this helps your kidneys to get rid of waste materials and fluids out of the body and swelling is less.

When being a fetal movement in the stomach

Every woman passes through the fetal kick in the third trimester of pregnancy. The child grows up and realizes his presence. The fetal movement counts a lot to mother. It makes the pregnancy experience lively. The first time the embryo kicks, it feels tussle in the stomach. Sometimes gas is made in the stomach. From which you feel, your baby is knocking the feet. But gradually you begin to feel the experience of embryo kicks.