Benefits of running…

Running 20-30 minutes every day is beneficial for overall health, So let’s know the health benefits of running.Experts believe it is necessary for those who practice regular running, It is important to understand the good running shoes and the right technique of running.

These health benefits of running will surprise you

Complete mental health
When running, chemicals such as endorphins are generated in the body, which makes the feeling of happiness and we feel good about ourselves. Stress reduces.
The effect of asthma is less
The lungs are strong and gradually improving the respiratory process by continuous exercise.
Controlled high blood pressure
While running, arteries spread and contract. This is the exercise of arteries, also blood pressure is controlled.
Strong resistance ability
If you run regularly, your disease resistance ability is strong and you are easily able to get rid of small diseases.
Every day an hour running, 705 to 865 calories burned. Fat also decreases from the body.
Physical strength
By running, the lower part of the body is stronger. Strengthens the ligaments and the nervous system.
Bone density increases
During pressure our body supplies some extra minerals to the bones, from which the bones are
strong. This process applies even while running, which increases bone density over time.
Strength and Stability
The biggest advantage of strengthening ligaments and nervous system is that the joints are strong. The risk of knee, hip and ankle injuries also decreases.
Control of diabetes
The process of insulin becoming improves and blood sugar levels are controlled in the body.
Control myself
Regular practice of running increases self-confidence and you get better control over your life.
The perfect way to run
Your head should be towards the front and the eyes should be towards the horizon. Do not tilt the
head towards the front and not look at your legs while running.
– Do not drag your shoulders, keep your shoulders in a comfortable posture.
– The chest should be slightly outward, so that you can breathe deeply.
– If your torso is tilt then your hip will bend too.
How much to run
Three to five days a week is enough. Continuous 20 to 60 minutes of race or aerobic activities.
No injury while running
– Take a few minutes walk and warm the body before starting the race.
– It is necessary to stretching some time before and after the races. Hamstring is good to do.
– Slow down the speed just before the race is stopped..
– Run in the similar surface.
– Take small steps.
– Do Strengthening Exercise, in those days when you are not running.
– Wear the right shoes.
– Include adequate nutrients in the diet.
– Do not let the body lack water.
These are all health benefits of running, By running you can make health good and avoid many diseases.