Know what are the benefits of daily running…


Let us tell you health benefits of daily running after that you will know why you should daily running

Our life is like a machine. And this machine works for seven days a week. Obviously, when the machine works more than it needs, its parts-components will also be bad. The necessary repair and complete comfort machine makes our body fit to work properly. Running helps maintain a healthy cholesterol level in your body, and reduces the risk of various problems associated with it, running is such an exercise that all the parts of our body work well.

Know about some such wonderful health benefits of daily running

But, here the question arises that how long should they run to stay fit. Some people consider the 30 to 45 minutes race necessary. At the same time some people believe that running for a short time can also keep you fit.

What says research

US Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study, research on race and longevity was researched. In this research, 55,137 people of 18 to 100 years were included for 15 years. In this research, it was reported that regular racers survive for three years longer than those who do not run. It came out that the five-minute regular race could save a person from a heart attack and other diseases to a great extent.

In those people who regularly running five minutes, compared to those who do not running, the risk of death from diseases decreases by 30 percent and the risk of heart disease decreases by 45 percent. Compared to those who do not running, the average survivors live three years more.

According to an analysis by the American Heart Association’s magazine on 15,045 walkers of the National Runners Health Study, the energy spent in running is effective in reducing the risk of high BP, cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease.

Strengthens the immunity

Regularly running five minutes, your immune system is strengthened. This prevents you from many common diseases like allergies, cold and cough.

Control of diabetes

Diabetes has become a common disease in today’s time. It spreads like sweet poison in the body. Therefore it is necessary to avoid this. Running a regular five minutes to avoid this can help you. Running improves the process of insulin and the level of blood glucose in the body is controlled.

Reduce the risk of heart attack

Regular five minutes running is less likely to lead to heart attack, because it increases heartbeats. The heart pumps more blood with every heartbeat, which helps in retaining the flexibility of the blood vessels.

Relieves stress

Running is like tonic for the whole body. During the race, the secretion of a chemical called Endorphin i.e. Feelgood Chemical is released from the body. From which you are relaxed. Doctors say that running does not only relieve stress, but also works like a painkiller.

Reduce cholesterol

Helps maintain a healthy cholesterol level in your body, and reduces the risk of various problems associated with it, this is benefits of daily running.

Effective in digestive problems

Sweat extracting races, strengthens metabolism and burns extra fat. Running looks hungry and digestion improves.

Physical and mental health is balanced by running. Then why not keep your five-minute races in your daily routine and be completely healthy.