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Do you know the amazing benefits of running?

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22 Tremendous benefits of running

Running are the best option to keep yourself fit and healthy. Running is one of the simplest forms of exercise, as it not only helps to reduce your excess weight, but also helps to make you healthy and fit. Whether it is children or older or old people, everyone can run and it is also very beneficial for health. Let’s know some benefits of running ..

According to a study, people who run 50 miles in a week have higher HDL than others, lower cholesterol (good fat) and much lower body fat, Active heart disease decreases, compared to those who run 10 miles per week. Running not only strengthens the muscles, it controls weight as well as the effect of age on you is seen late.

22 Impressive Benefits of Running, You must to know

1. Strengthens bones –

Bones and muscles are strengthened by regular running. This significantly reduces the risk of bone-related disease such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Along with this, the density of legs and hip bones also increases.

2. Make heart strong –

Running improves blood flow in our body, this has a good effect on our heart health. Along with this, running also reduces blood pressure, which reduces the possible risk of many heart related diseases.

3. Loses weight

If you want to lose weight, there is no better exercise than running. It is a very beneficial cardio exercise that helps in reducing weight. Because it burns calories.

4. Enhances immune health –

If you do jogging regularly, you will not suffer from health problems like allergies, cold, cough, flu etc. Running regularly increases your immune system and it resists all types of diseases.

5. Increase energy –

Do you feel energyless when you get up? If so, it increases the energy level and you can do your daily routine with energy.

6. Improve digestion power –

Running helps to improve digestion and it increases appetite. It burns calories so you will feel hungry after running. However make sure that you are having a healthy breakfast.

7. Burns fat –

Running helps burn more fat cells and makes the body leaner. It also boosts your metabolism and helps you get rid of unwanted fat.

8. Improve brain health –

Running helps promote flow throughout the body. Due to this, your brain gets more oxygen and nutrients, which enables you to focus on work.

9. Helps in getting better sleep

Insomnia is a major disease for the body as it causes indigestion, headache and difficulties while working. In this case, running or jogging twice daily in the morning helps in getting good sleep and food is also digested.

10. Reduces the risk of diabetes –

Studies have shown that regular running helps reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes.

11. Helps in depression –

Running helps reduce depression and anxiety levels and make you feel good about yourself.

12. Slows down aging –

Regular running leads to conditioning of the body system thus slowing down the aging process. It helps to build and strengthen bones and muscles that weaken with our age.

13. Lowers cholesterol –

Running helps maintain a healthy cholesterol level in your body, and reduces the risk of various problems associated with it.

14. Improves joint health –

Running helps to increase the strength of your ligaments and nerves, which increases the strength of the joints and makes the ankles and knees less likely to be injured.

15. Corrects body balance –

Regular running helps to increase eye coordination and also helps in balance of the body.

16. Gives a healthy body –

If you want to stay fit, take a walk or run during your free time. Regular running is the easiest way to stay fit.

17. Builds stamina –

Maintaining a regular running pace helps improve muscle strength and endurance, it also increases stamina in people.

18. Aerobic exercise –

Running regularly is also a form of aerobic exercise, it helps to improve your mood, keep you physically fit and improve your health.

19. Makes you feel good –

Running regularly will make you feel better, as it helps in healing and making your body healthy. It also helps in improving our biological health, physical health, mental health and emotional health.

20. Eliminates stress –

Running is a comfortable form of exercise, as it increases health and helps reduce your stress levels.

21. Psychological benefits –

Running also has many psychological benefits. While running, a hormone called endorphins is released in the body which gives a feeling of feel good factor. The runner seems happy and less stressed. Since running is a very challenging activity, it gives a sense of accomplishment and pride on completing each session.

22. High blood pressure control –

High blood pressure is also controlled by running. This makes the arteries and veins stronger.

Take care of these things before running :

  • First of all, visit your doctor and get advice about your running. This is necessary when you are 40 or older, you are very obese, have not exercised for a long time, or if you have any other type of health related discomfort.
  • Running is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout that has many physical and mental health and fitness benefits. This is the most easily performed aerobic exercise. It can be learned easily and does not require any expensive equipment other than a good pair of running shoes, comfortable clothes, a water bottle and a towel.
  • Do not run outside in a hot and humid environment as this will drain your energy and capacity. Running in hot weather can be dangerous as it can cause dehydration, cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. heat exhaustion can cause heat stroke which can be fatal. The best time to run is in the morning and late in the evening.
  • Also, do not run outside if the weather is very cold as this can cause hypothermia in which the body temperature goes below normal and can be dangerous. Frostbite is a potential problem in cold weather. This is another dangerous condition in which the skin color turns red and then becomes numb.
  • Avoid running on hard surfaces such as cemented roads and land. Grass is a better option for outdoor. Regular high-intensity and high-impact activities such as running and jogging on a hard surface can cause musculoskeletal (muscle and bone) damage.
  • Hydration is very important before, during and after running. You lose a lot of water and salts in the form of sweat and hence their fulfilment is very important.
  • Do not run near the road. This can cause asthma patients to complain of breath due to vehicle pollution. So run as early as possible in the morning.

These are all wonderful benefits of running, By running you can make health good and avoid many diseases.