Power nap time…


Power Nap Time : Benefits of Napping

A quick power-nap time can help you fight drowsiness, become more alert and productive. If you need a power-nap, make sure you take it correctly, so that when you wake up, don’t feel refreshed.

Power nap time – Method 1 : Finding a good place to nap –

1. Find a good place for nap-

To get the most out of power-nap, you will need to find a peaceful and noise-free place where others don’t bother you.

  • Taking a nap in the office: A survey by the National Sleep Foundation has found that, around 30% of people are allowed to sleep at work, and some employers also provide employees with a place to nap. If your workplace is not suitable for taking a nap, you can take a power-nap in your car.
  • Taking a nap on the road: If you are driving, find a rest-area for parking. Do not park on the side of the road. Always turn off car engine and apply emergency brake. If it is night time, park well in the lighted area where many people are going to come, and close all car doors.
  • Taking the nap at school: If you have time, and are allowed to, use the library, as a good place to nap. It is usually the quietest place in the school. After that, if you have a car, you can also take a nap in it.

2. Choose a dark room –

Stopping the light will allow you to fall asleep quickly. If you cannot go to a dark room, wear a sleep-mask or at least put on sunglasses to realize the darkness.

3. Make sure the place is not too hot or too cold –

You want your napping to be comfortable, So look for a cool but comfortable place. Most people get the best sleep around 65 ° F or 18 ° C.

If your napping place is too cold, keep a blanket or a comfortable jacket that you can wear. If your napping space is too hot, consider placing a fan in the room, if possible.

4. Listen to Guided-Nap-Recordings –

There are many videos, recordings, and apps available that will guide you to napping through relaxation-techniques. These can be found online on streaming websites or you can also download them on phone or tablet.

If you are using your phone for guided nap, keep it in airplane-mode. It will not let you get distracted by phone calls or message alerts.

5. Turn on soothing music –

Relaxing music can get your mind in the right state. If you find the music disturbing, you can also use white noise (empty noise).

Power nap time – Method 2 : Selecting the duration of your nap –

1. Decide how long you want to take the nap –

Basically, a power nap should last between 10 and 30 minutes. By the way, short and long naps can also provide different benefits. Thus, you have to decide how long you have to take the nap, and follow that time frame.

2. Nap for two to five minutes –

If you do not have much time, but you are so sleepy that you are unable to continue what you are doing, then a two to five minute nap, called a “nano-nap”, will give you May help to deal with sleep.

3. Nap for five to twenty minutes –

To increase alertness, stamina, and motor-performance, naps lasting five to twenty minutes are good. These naps are known as “mini-naps”.