Benefits of Pasta ..

Benefits of Pasta

Be it children or older, pasta is the favorite food of most people. However, some people or children’s parents worry that it is harmful for health. In such a situation, we are trying to reduce your dilemma with this article of our My Health Only. In this article of My Health Only, you will not only learn about the advantages and disadvantages of eating pasta, but will also learn healthy pasta recipes. So, read the article till the end for maximum information related to pasta.

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First let’s know what pasta is and where it came from.

What is pasta?

Before knowing the advantages and disadvantages of eating pasta, it is important to know what pasta is and what it is made from. Actually, pasta is made from wheat called durum. During the pasta making process, the outer layer of durum wheat and the inner germ layer is removed. After removing it, the starch that remains in the middle, called the endosperm, is grinded coarsely to prepare semolina. After that, kneading this semolina in water, prepare the dough, give it different shape and make pasta.

Durum wheat is harder than normal wheat. In addition, pasta can also be made from many other grains and wheat. Pasta is known as the traditional food item of Italy. At the same time, many researchers believe that its existence before Italy is linked to Asia and China. Later in the article, we are sharing information related to the benefits of pasta.

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After knowing what pasta is, now you know what are the benefits of pasta?

Health Benefits of Pasta –

Here we are giving information about the benefits of pasta, however, eating pasta may have different effects on everyone. In such a situation, it is better to consult a nutritionist or doctor for proper information. Some of the advantages of pasta are as follows:

  1. Pasta to lose weight

Troubled by the problem of increasing weight, you can include pasta made from wheat in your diet. Wheat pasta is low in calories, due to which it can be a healthy and tasty option to include in the diet. At the same time, some people believe that the consumption of pasta can increase the risk of weight gain, but a research published on the NCBI website in this subject has been rejected. The study has revealed that there is no relation between eating pasta and obesity.

In addition, another study in this regard has also confirmed that pasta does not affect the weight of obese people when compared to other diets, but may be helpful in reducing weight. However, more trials are still needed to prove its clarity. In this case, not excessive, but sometimes it can be healthy to eat wheat pasta.

  1. Fiber

A good option may be to include pasta in fiber-rich foods. The fiber is present in pasta, which is confirmed by a study published on the NCBI website. In this research, people who eat pasta have higher dietary fiber quantity than those who do not eat pasta. Fiber, like other nutrients, is also essential for the body. Fiber can not only keep the stomach full for a long time, but can also balance the weight. In addition, it can also reduce constipation problems. In such a situation, according to your requirement, you can include wheat pasta in fiber diet.

  1. Rich in nutrients

The benefits of pasta are also due to the nutrients present in it. Whole wheat pasta means wheat pasta, can be useful for the supply of nutrients. It has low calorie content. At the same time, it has more fiber and protein than refined pasta. It can also be a good source of iron and B vitamins. While talking about cooked pasta, it contains magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, folate. Here we make it clear that the nutrients present in pasta can be more or less according to different types of pasta.

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So far, we have read about the benefits of pasta. Now know about its nutrients.

Nutritional Ingredients of Pasta –

The following nutritional quantity is found in pasta. Learn what nutrients are found in pasta made from 100 grams of durum wheat.

Pasta Nutritional Value
Pasta Nutritional Value

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After knowing the nutritious elements present in pasta, now it is the turn of nutritious recipe of pasta. Read pasta recipe in this section of the article.

Healthy Pasta Recipes –

In this way, pasta can be made in many ways. Everyone can make pasta differently according to their taste and choice. So here we are sharing a healthy recipe of pasta with you. You can also include it in your healthy breakfast. So the pasta healthy and tasty recipe is as follows:

Veg Pasta Recipe

  • For two to three people


  • A large bowl boiled penne pasta (about 200 to 300 grams)
  • Two onions finely chopped
  • A bell pepper cut into long thin pieces
  • Half a teaspoon finely chopped garlic
  • One cup finely chopped tomatoes
  • A spoon oregano
  • ½ teaspoon chili flakes (optional)
  • Salt as per taste
  • Half teaspoon cumin seeds
  • Black pepper as per taste
  • Cooking oil as per requirement


  • First heat the oil in a pan.
  • When the oil gets hot, add cumin and garlic and fry it.
  • Now add onions, capsicum and tomatoes.
  • Then add salt, pepper, oregano to it and stir it for a while.
  • Now add boiled pasta and mix it.
  • Tasty and healthy pasta is ready.
  • Serve it with chili flakes.

Note: You can also add other vegetables of your choice in it. In addition to this, you can also choose other types of pasta as per your choice in addition to penne pasta.

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Read some important information related to the side effects of pasta in this section of the article.

Side Effects of Pasta –

If there are benefits of pasta, then excessive consumption can also lead to side effects of pasta. We are giving below the details of what these side effects can be.

  • As we have mentioned above, pasta is categorized as high fiber food. In such a situation, excessive intake of this can cause stomach ache, flatulence, because excessive amount of fiber can cause stomach problems.
  • Eating creamy or white pasta can increase your cholesterol level. Therefore, consume it only occasionally, if anyone has problems with cholesterol, do not consume creamy pasta.

Hopefully after reading this article, you will have got detailed information about the benefits and side effects of eating pasta. For the benefit of pasta, you can choose Whole Wheat pasta instead of refined pasta. Also you can include nutritious recipe of pasta mentioned in the article in the diet. Keep in mind that in the article along with nutritious pasta recipe, we have also given information about the side effects of pasta. So in order to enjoy its benefits, do not consume too much pasta or do not eat only pasta in the diet, because it can also cause a deficiency of nutrients in the body. At the same time, if someone is suffering from a serious illness or someone is pregnant, then take the advice of a doctor or nutritionist before consuming pasta. Next we are also sharing the answers to some important questions related to pasta.

Frequently asked Questions –

Is pasta healthier than rice?

Yes, pasta can be healthier than rice. In a research conducted in this regard, pasta has been found to be more beneficial for diabetics than rice. Let us make it clear here that even though pasta is nutritious, but rice is not an option. We have also given information about some of the side effects caused by excessive consumption of pasta in the article.

Does pasta increase obesity?

The risk of weight gain from pasta is negligible. Keep in mind that instead of refined-grain pasta, you should consume whole-grain pasta to keep the weight balanced. Also, avoid excessive pasta intake as pasta can also be harmful due to excessive intake.

Is pasta a high energy food?

Pasta can be a high energy food, as it contains carbs.