How to reduce body fat…


Know about the how to reduce body fat

1. Exercise is the most important way to reduce body fat, it is the safest way to reduce body fat.

2. However exercising hours at gym and at home is difficult to do. But exercising twenty minutes in the evening every morning is not a difficult task.

3. Exercise keeps the body light.

4. Some people live in this illusion that the constant running and lifting heavy weight reduces the fat of the body. But doing so leads to heart related illnesses and other side effects.

5. Work-out for hours will not get a perfect figure, Rather, the body will become more thin.

6. In addition to doing regular exercises everyday, you can also do yoga and aerobics. There is also fun with fitness in Aerobics exercise.

7. The working person should include natural foods and proteins and vitamins in their diet. Eat fruits, sprouted grains, fresh juices, etc.

8. BMI balance depends on your own efforts. But if you take a balanced diet, then BMI It’s easy for you to balance.