How to get rid of pimples…


The list of skin problems is quite long – Ranging from pimples, body odor, to unsighted hair on the face and body. The problem of acne is most because of the level of androgens hormones in your body increases.

Let us tell you how to get rid of pimples

These hormones increase the size of the sebaceous glands, due to which the quantity of oil increases in the body. Famous dermatologist Dr. Jamuna Pai says that – With this problem you can not get rid of once and forever, but yes, you can do it less, and prevent it from occurring repeatedly. They will tell you how to get rid of this serious problem.

Never try to burst the acne and blackheads. If you have frequent pimples on your faces, chests and backs, then do not wax them at these places.

Clean your skin with a good cleanser before sleeping. Use such cleansers, which have exfoliant like sea salt. These will help reduce blackheads.

Such cleansers, which contain salicylic, alpha hydroxy or lactic acid, eliminate facial dirt and oil. This opens the pores of your face.

Take the supplement of vitamin A or zinc in the guidance of good physicians. This will reduce the production of sebum and reduce the blackheads as well.

It is important that you follow a correct skin care routine (no matter your age), which includes the use of a good sunscreen, along with cleansing and moisturizing, every day. Eat Healthy and Follow a Good Exercise Routine. Drink too much water and take some time to relax.

Regardless of the weather, whether you are at home or outside, always use sunscreen.

Wash the face all the time with cold water, keep it clean. But keep in mind that do not wipe your face with a rough towel.

Do not use anything that is stiff on the face such as scrubs with rough granules. If you have serious acne problem then be sure to consult the dermatologist before using any new product.