Causes of hives…


You will be unaware of these causes of hives

Hives is a type of skin rash. Due to this disease, there are red rash on the skin, which is constantly itchy. They are often caused by allergies, although in many cases, it can also cause cold urticaria. Due to this, there is always a feeling of burning and stinging in the body. Most cases of acute cold urticaria (in which rashes last for less than 6 weeks) are allergic. Chronic hives (in which rashes persist for more than 6 weeks) may also be non-allergic.

Signs and symptoms of hives

The spots caused by hives (called wheals) are red-base and bulging and can occur on any part of the skin. It soon spreads throughout the body and instead of rashes, the skin becomes red and inflamed and bulge starts appearing in them.

Causes of hives

Hives usually occur due to disturbances in the digestive system and increased heat in the blood. A number of factors present in the environment such as medicines (such as codeine, aspirin, ibuprofen, penicillin, clotrimazole, trichazole, sulfonamide, dextroamphetamine, anticonvulsant, cefaclor, piracetam, etc.) food factors etc. are included in its causes. Drinking cold water, cold drinks or ice cream after coming from heat. The risk of developing this disease is due to eating spicy foods made of oil-pepper, hot spices and acid juices, and fast food and Chinese food sold in the market.

Whatever its factor, the disease is caused by a toxic substance called histamine entering the skin, causing rashes with itching.