Eat chinese food but just take care of…

Before we talk about whether Chinese dishes are good for our health or not. Before that, let us know what the Chinese dish. It is a kind of food that almost every country in the world has adapted in its own style. Wherever you look, you will find a dish in Indo-Chinese or Chinese-American form.
  • The point of the address is that we have not eat Chinese food till date. Come to the main point, which is the real Chinese food, it is considered very good for our health. But today no Chinese food is available in the markets, nor does it taste like a real Chinese food. Let’s take a look at what kind of Chinese dish has a bad effect on our health.

Which Chinese dish is bad-

1. Deep Fried –

If yes, then it is not good at all for your health. It is fried in the oil that is most in the securited fat. The point of the address is that no Chinese food is ever fried in oil. At any time in China, no fried Momos is eaten, but in India every thing is eaten.

2. Steamed –

If it is steamed then you can eat it by closing its eyes. Fried rice can be counted in this type of food, because traditionally this dish is not fry with oil. In it, rice and vegetables are steamed together, which makes it healthy.

3. Stir Fried –

If you see any ster fried Chinese food on the hotel’s menu, order it without worry. This will not hurt your health as it will be frozen for a short period of time in very little oil.

4. Gravy-Sauce –

Even on eating with Chinese food sauces, they are considered as healthy. Soya sauce is good for health, if it is eaten in a limited amount. Apart from this, it should be noted that the vegetables, meat or fish that fall in it have been fry in the gravy or not. Actually, the fact that all the ingredients that are grown in Chinese food are fry with gravy and not on the gravy is added from the top.

5. Soup –

This is one of the best Chinese food that can be eaten steamed or boiled. It is nutritious, which does not even have fat. If you are buying a packed soup, then note that it does not have a sweet or sour label because the sweet sauce is not considered good for health.

6. AzinoMoto –

You would be surprised to know that this salt is not used to make any type of dish in China. Nor does it make any difference in the taste by putting it in any dish, so while making Chinese food, give clear instructions for not use a azinomoto to a cook.