Do not Ignor white and brown spots that appear in the teeth may be fluorosis…

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Usually yellow and brown spots visible on the teeth are seen as dirt due to lack of proper care of the mouth and teeth. But it is not necessary that these spots visible in the teeth are in the absence of mouth related illness or cleanliness. These spots can also be caused by fluorosis in tooth.Fluorosis is a similar problem in which white or brown spots appear on the teeth.

By identifying these spots and contacting the doctor, they can be cured. Fluorosis is not a serious problem, it is a cosmetic problem that can spoil your beauty while laughing, because your teeth appear during laughing and these stains are visible in them.

The reason for having fluorosis is that the problem of excess fluorosis is seen in children under 8 years of age. Fluorosis can be a problem in their teeth by having more fluoride content for children younger than 8 years of age. Actually fluoride is an essential element for our teeth, which strengthens it. Generally fluoride is used in all toothpaste. But the high levels of fluoride for small children’s teeth can be dangerous, hence different toothpastes come in the market for children, which have less fluoride content.

Due to the use of excess fluoride is dangerous due to the use of fluoride, fluorosis occurs on the teeth in which the color of the teeth becomes lighter or irregularities arise on the surface of the teeth. Once the tooth develops completely, then there is no effect of excess fluoride on it. Fluorosis is a more cosmetic problem than tooth disease.

Symptoms of Fluorosis

The main symptoms of fluorosis are white, yellow or brown spots on teeth. Many times these spots are so light that they appear only after paying attention or are seen in a doctor’s check. Although fluorosis is dangerous, because these spots and their color increases with time, hence the treatment is necessary at the right time.


Keep using toothpaste while paying attention.

If your child is less than 6 years old then give a little paste on his toothbrush.

Teach your children to spit the paste after brushing.

Do not use more vegetarian paste or else kids can swallow it.

If you have enough fluoride in your drinking water, do not give the child separately fluoride in any other form.

Treatment of fluorosis

Fluorosis is a problem of cosmetic due to no serious illness of teeth, because it affects only the beauty of the teeth; Cavities, etc. are not created. Therefore, efforts to remove stains in the treatment of fluorosis are made. If the stain is on the front teeth, it is a matter of concern and the removal of the bloted area is followed by the process of whitish whitewash.