Due to the lack of nutrients also your hair falls, Include these 6 foods in the diet…

There are two main reasons for hair loss – lack of proper care of the hair and lack of nutrients in the body. If you take care of the hair properly, still if you have hair fall, then it may be due to lack of nutrients in your body. Nowadays people’s diet and lifestyle have changed a lot, By which adequate vitamins and proteins can not be found for the growth of the hair. This is the reason that people are having hair loss problems at a very young age in the new generation. To prevent hair loss, you should make some changes in your diet. Let’s tell you which foods to eat for the strength of hair is beneficial.

Must eat cereals and pulses

Nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin B and Iron are found in whole grains, which are very important for hair. Zinc operates the hormones that make the hair strong, thick and long. If you are eating a regular zinc diet your hair will be strong and the hair fall of problem will end. Our scalp consists of oil glands that work to produce oil and whose scarcity start dryness, dandruff and hair fall in Scalp. Take lentils to provide enough zinc to your hair.

Vegetables and fruits

Hemoglobin is needed to supply enough oxygen and blood in all organs of our body with hair. Copper helps in making more hemoglobin. With its deficiency the hair becomes weak and delicate, which causes hair loss. Green leafy vegetables include iron, copper, many antioxidants and vitamin B, C and E. It also contains potassium, omega-3 and calcium. All this prevents hair from falling. By eating a banana every day hair is strong. In it, vitamin A and B are present in adequate amounts in the form of sugar, fiber, thiamine, niacin, and folic acid.

Carrot and Beetroot

Carrot is good for hair. It provides beta carotene and vitamin A to hair. Eating carrots produces sebum in the head and the hair grows. With this, beetroot is also very beneficial for hair. There is a lot of amounts of both iron and zinc in beetroot. According to scientific research, most antioxidants are found in beetroot, hence it is beneficial for you.

Vitamin C deficiency hair breaks down

Its deficiency leads to two face hair, hair fall and rupture etc starts. Include fruit like orange, lemon, berries, sweet lemon, watermelon and tomato in your diet. If you smoke, you need a high amount of vitamin C, So eat more fruit and quit smoking.

Eat protein foods

It helps in producing new hair in place of the hair that has been falling. The deficiency of the protein causes the hair to thin, dry and weak, By which hair starts falling. You can consume proteins from beans, nuts, cereals, milk, cottage cheese, fish, eggs, chicken etc.

Milk contains Vitamin A

If the hair is fast moving then start eating milk products. The hair is made of protein and the protein in dairy products is found in considerable quantities. Milk contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, which are essential for hair growth. Vitamin A is filled in curd and skimmed milk. They increase the production of sebum, which eliminates baldness.